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African American Scientists and Inventors
Dewey Decimal Number: 920 (collective biographies)

Famous Black Inventors

Famous Black Scientists-biographies

Famous Blacks of the 20th Century-list includes scientists, inventors & pioneers

George Washington Carver Museum and Cultural Center

Modern African/Caribbean UK Scientists- from

Go to "EBSCO" & choose "Student Research Center"
Search "african american scientists" or "african american inventors" under "biographies"



Dewey Decimal Number: 362.292 | 616.861

Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism- from MedicineNet

Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse

Alcoholism and Marriage

The Effects of Addiction on Family and Friends

The Effects of Alcohol on a Marriage- from eHow

Effects on Relationaships

MedlinePlus- alcoholism and alcohol abuse


Alternative Energy
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 333.79 | 621

Alternative Energy- solutions for the 21st century

Alternative Energy News- news and resources

Alternative Energy Resources

Department of Energy- covers all types of alternative energies, including hydrogen, solar, wind

Energy Kids- wind, solar energy

Green Technology and Alternative Energy

New York Times Article on Solar Energy

points of view See Ms. Greller for the username and log in

Solar Energy Basics- from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Treehugger- archived news articles about alternative energy

U.S. Department of Energy

Wind Energy Basics- from the U.S. government


American Authors
Lorraine Hansberry | Ernest Hemingway | Langston Hughes | John Steinbeck

Individual biographies are filed by the first three letters of the last name of the person the book is about.
Dewey Decimal Number: public libraries might use 921 before the first three letters

Lorraine Hansberry
Artist Biography- from the Regents of the University of Minnesota

Audio Excerpts from "To Be Young, Gifted & Black- in AU format (large files)

Books of Lorraine Hansberry

Go to EBSCO & click on Literary Reference Center
Browse authors
The full HTML text is often available

IPL Online Literary Criticism-biographical, critical & other sites

Lorraine Hansberry- brief biography by Paul P. Reuben, English professor at California State University

Lorraine Hansberry Pictures

Lorraine Vivian Hansberry- biography & bibliography

Novel Guide: A Raisin in the Sun

Quotes by Lorraine Hansberry

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Search "Charles Dickens"

Women of Color Women of Words-biography & long list of web resources

Ernest Hemingway
Biography of Ernest Hemingway- from, bio contains links to his novels

Ernest Hemingway

The Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum-located in Key West, Florida

Hemingway Photos

Hemingway Quotes- the author talks about life, love & his beliefs

The Hemingways: An American Tragedy

IPL Online Literary Criticsm-biographical, critical & other sites


Go to EBSCO & click on Literary Reference Center
Browse authors
The full HTML text is often available

Nobel contains a biography & a detailed bibliography

Perspectives in American Literature- by English professor Paul P. Reuben

Speeches by Ernest Hemingway- files in AU format (large)


Go to
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Search "Charles Dickens"

Langston Hughes

Books & Writers- extensive biography & a list of selected works

Langston Hughes- excellent biography from Gale free resources

Go to EBSCO & click on Literary Reference Center
Browse authors
The full HTML text is often available

Modern American Poetry- life, career & his works

Poetry Archive- biography & audio files

Poetry Foundation- bio & poems listed here

Go to
Choose Student Research Center
Search "Langston Hughes"

John Steinbeck
Advice for Beginning Writers- a letter written by john Steinbeck

American Writers- contains a biography & list of his works

Encyclopedia Britannica Online

Go to EBSCO & click on Literary Reference Center
Browse authors
The full HTML text is often available

IPL Online Literary Criticism-biographical, critical & other sites biography

John Steinbeck Novels facts about John Steinbeck includes a timeline of his life


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Search "Charles Dickens"

American Decades
1920s | 1930s | 1940s | 1950s | 1960s | 1970s | 1980s | 1990s
Dewey Decimal Number: 973.9

Best of History Web Sites

Illinois Trails:History of the 1920s- Great Depression, suffrage movement, prohibition, politics & famous trials of the 20s are all here

Like One Big Family- a former textile worker describes the closeness of the Southern Mill Village in the 1920s

The Progressive Era- find Progressive roots, important dates & resources

The Progressive Era to New Era- 1900-1929

Red Hot Jazz- History of Jazz before 1930

The Roaring Twenties- what a huge list! Covers important events, the Jazz Age etc. Lots of stuff here!!

Timelines- year by year, from 1900-2000; from Infoplease

Women in Journalism- long list includes women from 1920-present

America in the 30s- site contains film, print, display, timeline & downloads

The Lindbergh Kidnapping- F.B.I. site

The New Deal Network- research & study as well as features are here

The Thirties- lists events/issues, Great Depression, New Deal, Popular culture, personalities & crime/criminals

Timelines- year by year, from 1900-2000; from Infoplease

The Turbulent Thirties & the Great Depression- huge listing covers primary documents, the Roosevelts, causes of the Great Depression, photos & general sites; very comprehensive!

American Memory- over 160,000 prints & photographs!

Dr. Seuss' Political Cartoons

Film History of the 1940s

The Forties- covers events/issues/WWII, pop culture, personalities, & crime/criminals

Timelines- year by year, from 1900-2000; from Infoplease

Timeline of the 20th Century: 1940-1949

Voices from the Dust Bowl- this is the Migrant Worker Collection, from the Library of Congress

World War II- lists primary documents/images, timelines, maps, events, leaders, Hitler & the Holocaust & Pearl Harbor.; very extensive listing.

World War II Timeline- easy to navigate

Civil Rights and the 1950s-nice collection of resources

The Fifties- lists events/issues, pop culture, personalities & crime/criminals

Fifties Web- this site claim to be the "Internet's oldest fifties & sixties site"

Teen Movies of the 1950s

Timelines- year by year, from 1900-2000; from Infoplease

Timeline of the 20th Century: 1950-1959

The Psychedelic '60s- covers civil rights, drugs, hippies, poets, Woodstock & rock music

The Sixties-shows events/issues, Vietnam, pop culture, personalities & crime

The Sixties Project- this site was developed by a collection of humanities scholars; you will find articles, narratives, memoirs, filmographies & bibliographies

Timelines- year by year, from 1900-2000; from Infoplease

American Cultural History- covers art, music, education, fashion, film & sports

The People History- find pop culture, technology, money & inflation & toys

The Seventies- lists includes events/issues, pop culture, personalities & crime

Timelines- year by year, from 1900-2000; from Infoplease


1980s News Videos

The Eighties- you'll find event/issues, pop culture, personalities & crime

The '80s Club-politics & pop culture of the 1980s

The '80s Server- timeline, '80s icons, entertainment news & downloads

Timelines- year by year, from 1900-2000; from Infoplease


1990s News Videos

The Nineties- covers events/issues, pop culture, personalities & crime

Timelines- year by year, from 1900-2000; from Infoplease

American History
The 50 States
Dewey Decimal Number:973

InformationPlease Almanac

Explore the States

Stately Knowledge- from the Internet Public Library

American Literature
Dewey Decimal Number: 800's

Bartleby- search fiction, nonfiction, dictionary, thesaurus, quotations, Shakespeare & lots more.

Beowulf-from Lakewood High School, this page lists everything from a study guide to resources for Beowulf.

Canterbury Tales-from Lakewood High School, four sites are listed here.

Internet Public Library-browse for criticism by author's last name or by title; browse for criticism & authors by literary period. There is also a literary criticism pathfinder on the site.

LitLinks- this site has "annotated links for over 700 authors, & provides guidance to the best research resources on the Web." is the site for the Academy of American Poets, and has interviews, poems essays & an audio archive.

Anatomy and Physiology
Dewey Decimal Number: 612

Anatomy Arcade- loads of games, covering all eight systems of the body.

Anatomy Flash Cards- This is a HUGE list!

Anatomy of the Human Body- "The edition of Gray’s Anatomy of the Human Body features 1,247 vibrant engravings—many in color—from the classic 1918 publication, as well as a subject index with 13,000 entries ranging from the Antrum of Highmore to the Zonule of Zinn." flash animations on immunobiology

BioDigital Human-make sure your browser is up-to-date for this site

Build a Body- drag and drop parts of the human body results from several online sources

Facts About the Cardiovascular System- list of educational links

Get Body Smart- interactive site with tutorials

Gray's Anatomy- over 12,000 entries cover everything about the human anatomy

Healthline Body Maps-3D male and female models

Heart Anatomy- interior view; many self-tests on this page.

Human Blood-introduction to its components and types; also find flash cards and crossword puzzles on the topic.

Image Search from Google- over 2 million results

Infoplease Encyclopedia

Inner Body- choose from the 8 systems to navigate (many ads on this site)

Learn Physiology Using Flow-Diagram Models

Master Muscle List- listed in alphabetical order or by region.

Medical Animation Library- from Penn Medicine; (UPenn) over 200 video tutorials

Membrane Transport- animated explanation

Muscle Contraction Animation

Skull Anatomy Tutorial- includes all views and a slide show.

researchcneter Search "human body anatomy" using books & encyclopedias

Think Anatomy- huge collection of all-things anatomy, including dissection videos, terminology, mnemonics, podcasts, study guides and lots more.

Virtual Body- roll mouse over parts and they are identified

The Whole Brain Atlas

Ancient Roman Civilization
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 292 | 796.09 | 937

Ancient Rome for Kids

Barrington Atlas of the Greek and Roman World- created by Classical Mapping Center

BBC History in-Depth

Cybersleuth Kids Ancient Civilizations

Illustrated History of the Roman Empire

Julius Caesar's Timeline

Exploring Ancient World Cultures

Famous Romans

Know the Romans- excellent site has everything, including 20+ categories!

Odyssey Online's Rome

The Roman Empire: Children's Section- included emperor timeline

The Roman Empire: Thinkquest- written by high school students;

The Roman Empire in the First Century- from PBS; DVD for sale, virtual library online

Rome Project- for 6thgrade social studies

Timeline for Ancient Roman Civilization

Use the Google Dictionary by Google if you need a definition of a word. This is a Chrome extension you can add.
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 592 | 593 | 594 | 595 | 596 | 597 | 598 | 599

All About Earthworms-from; watch a birth video or heartbeat video


Animals & Exhibits- from the Pittsburgh Zoo; choose from amphibians, fish, mammals, reptiles, birds & invertebrates

Arthropod Museum- find butterflies, beetles, moths on this site

Bottlenosed Dolphin

BugBios-this site was created for the "shameless promotion of insect appreciation"

California Sea Lion

Elegant Tern- learn about this orange-billed bird


Fishes-a picture guide to fishes

Flatworms-you can even take a quiz here

Gray Whale


Humpback Whale


Kangaroo Rat

Marine Mammals

Meet the Critters- from the San Diego Zoo; site introduces students to the animals which live at the zoo



National Geographic Kids- amazing animals & their photos

Natural History Notebooks-246 animal species are listed here




Smithsonian National Zoological Park- choose from "2,000 animals from about 400 different species"

Speckled Rattlesnake



Terrestrial Animals

Virtual Tour of the Amazon Rain Forest- roll your mouse over the photo and read about the animals

Zoobooks Magazine-articles on animals

Dewey Decimal Numbers: 305 | 323.168 | 968

Apartheid 101- an overview of apartheid in South Africa

Apartheid Museum

Apartheid Timeline- from cyberschoolbus; handouts for your class

BBC News: Mandela's Life and Times

Country Studies: South Africa- from the Library of Congress

ebsco choose EBSCOhost Web > Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia

Google Books

Google News Timeline: Apartheid

The History of Apartheid in South Africa-from Stanford University

Mr. Dowling's Apartheid Page

Nelson Mandela Foundation

South Africa: Overcoming Apartheid Building Democracy

South Africa History Online

student research center search for biographies or general information in the encyclopedia

United Nations Photo Media Site

World Factbook: South Africa- C.I.A. site


Dewey Decimal Number: 616.85 | 618.92

About Autism- from

About Autism- from

Autism Fact Sheet

Autism FAQ: History

Autism History Timeline- from 1910 to the present

Autism Research Institute

Autism Society of America

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks Resource Guide

Autism Statistics- from the Autism Society of America

Career Assistance for People with Autism

Different Types of Autism- this video runs around three minutes

research center

How to Understand the History of Autism- from eHow

Identifying Autism Symptoms- this video is three minutes long

MedlinePlus- all about autism

Symptoms of Asperger's Autism- this video is two and a half minutes

Treating Autism- this video runs a little under four minutes

What Parts of the Brain Does Autism Affect?- this video is about two minutes

Atomic Bomb
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 355.8 | 940.5

Decision to Drop the Bomb Documents- from the Truman Library

Google Image Search-over 353,000 images of the atomic bomb

History of the Atomic Bomb

Modern World History Online- access this database by going to Facts on File, logging in with our username & password & choosing this database. Search "atomic bomb" for results.

Points of View-these articles can be located by going on the EBSCO site & entering the username & password. Then just choose "Points of View" and search "atomic bomb".

Pro and Con on Dropping the Bomb

The Race to Build the Atomic Bomb- from the Contra County Office of Education in California, this site has a detailed list of resources, including primary source documents, photos of nuclear explosions, web site & Quicktime movies of speeches & events.

A Study of the Atomic Bomb & WWII

Tale of Two Cities: Hiroshima & Nagasaki

The Voice of Hibakusha- eyewitness accounts of the bombing of Hiroshima, HIROSHIMA WITNESS, produced by the Hiroshima Peace Cultural Center and NHK, the public broadcasting company of Japan.

Dewey Decimal Numbers: 921 or B (individual) | 921 (collection)

The Achiever Gallery-lists achievers from around the world

Biographical Dictionary

Biography Center- close to 18,000 biographies!

Colonial Hall-biographies of the founding fathers

History Reference Center-log into EBSCO

The Jewish Virtual Library- famous Jews from around the world

Medieval People- lists by category, including artists, authors, musicians, notable people, religious figures & royalty

Presidential Biographies

Presidents of the United States- the official government site

Sweet Search Biographies- very extensive listing; search by category or master list

Who2?- "lists 3,054 famous people, characters & creatures"

World of Scientific Biography

Dewey Decimal Number: 577

Biomes Pathfinder- from Anderson High School Library; 26 sites of reference are here.

Habitats/Biomes- from the Enchanted Learning site (junior high level)

The Virtual Zoo- you'll find a pie chart of biome distribution, descriptions of habitats & a world map

What's it Like Where you Live?- shows biomes of the world, freshwater ecosystems & marine ecosystems

World Biomes- from the University of Puget Sound & the Slater Museum of Natural History

The World's Biomes- the six major types of biomes are covered here: freshwater, marine, desert, forest, grassland & tundra

Black History Month
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 305.8 | 920 | 921 or B

The African-American Mosaic-from the Library of Congress; site covers colonization, migrartion & abolition
-find videos of Biography, an interactive timeline, photo gallery, quiz & much more.

Black History Calendar- from January to December, you will find something for every day of the year.

Black History on the Internet- from Education World; find your grade level for excellent sites.

Encyclopedia' Guide to Black History Month

History Channel- this site has videos, maps, facts & more.

Infoplease Looks at Black History Month

Martin Luther King Jr. Research & Education Institute- Stanford University has put together a wonderful site on Dr. King, with a biography, encyclopedia, interactive timeline and a lot more.

Oxford African-American Studies Center

Powerful Days in Black & White- photos tell the story of the civil rights movement

Slave Narratives- from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938

Time for Kids


Boston Marathon Bombing
Dewey Decimal Number: 363.325


Boston Bombing in Depth- from CBS News

Boston Marathon Bombing News Articles- from the Wall Street Journal

Boston Marathon Bombings: Timeline of Events

Boston Marathon News Articles- from

Boston Marathon Survivor on Her Journey to Recovery- CNN

Did the Tsarnaev Brothers Have Help Making the Boston Marathon Bombs?- CNN report


Tragedy in Boston- from ABC News

Tsarnaev's Blood-Stained Note Shown to Juror in Boston Marathon Trial

A Week of Terror- from the Washington Post

British Authors

Charles Dickens | George Orwell | William Shakespeare
Dewey Decimal Number: 921 or B

Charles Dickens a 2 minute video as well as read his biography

Charles Dickens- his works, life, family & the Dickens House Museum

David Perdue's Charles Dickens Page-timeline, illustrations, novels, bio are all here

Dickens Made Simple- "Plot summaries, themes, characters & more"

The Internet Public Library- here you will find criticism and biography sites about Charles Dickens

Go to EBSCO & click on Literary Reference Center
Browse authors
The full HTML text is often available focuses on five Dickens books: A Christmas Carol, Great Expectations, Tale of Two cities, The Chimes & The Crisket on the Hearth.

Go to
Choose Student Research Center
Search "Charles Dickens"

George Orwell
IPL Online Literary Criticism-biographical, critical & other sites

Go to EBSCO & click on Literary Reference Center
Browse authors
The full HTML text is often available

Literature Network- find his biography & summaries of 1984 & Animal Farm here

Go to
Choose Student Research Center
Search "Charles Dickens"

British Literature
Dewey Decimal Number: 800s

16th Century renaissance English Literature

Anthology of Middle English Literature-covers 1350-1485

Bibliomania- more than 2,000 classic texts, author biographies & study guides

British & Irish Authors on the Web- covers from c.600 to the present

English Literature: Early 17th Century

Internet Public Library-browse for criticism by author's last name or by title; browse for criticism & authors by literary period. There is also a literary criticism pathfinder on the site.

Literary History- lists over 220 American & British authors; search by 20th century or 19th century.

Modern British Poetry- contains the following indexes: authors, titles & first lines.

British Poets
Dewey Decimal Number: 921 or B (individual and collective biographies) Individual biographies are shelved
by the first letter of the last name of the person the book is written about.

Use for your research:

literary reference center student ref center poetry archive
poem hunter famous poets poet's corner
poetry foundation every poet black cat poems
poet' timeline  


Budgeting Living Expenses
Dewey Decimal Number: 640

The Bundle: The No. 1 Source for How People Spend and Save Money

The College Board's 9 or 12 month Calendar- shows 2008 and 2009 costs

Cost of Living Reality Check- from Kiplinger

eHow's How to Compile Your Living Expenses- 5 easy steps

Hands-On Banking for Teens

Leaving the Nest- a Google book selection from "Please Send Money", written by Dara Duguay.

Living Wage Calculator- see how much the average living wage is in each state.

My Bread- high school financial planning progm

PayScale- cost of living calculator

Personal Finance 101- from CNN Money, this site helps you make a budget, by having you fill in various fields and then calculate the amount you need. Very straight-forward.

Practical Money Skills for Life- Calculate auto, budget and career

Seek Your Own Space

USA Today- article on paying off student loans and paying for living expenses


Dewey Decimal Numbers: 302.3 | 371.58

The Bully Roundup- interactive game

Bullying-WEBMD's website

The Buzz on Bullying

Cybersafety Pathfinder- on this webpage

Dealing with Bullying- Teen Health's site

Dr. Phil: Bullied to Death- the psychologist speaks about the recent teenage suicides

Girls' Health

It's My Life- from PBS

Jared High's Story- thirteen year old boy who committed suicide after he was bullied.

Keep Schools Safe


Nineline- Covenant House's website offers a hotline to assist kids in crisis

No Bully- information includes statistics

Stomp Out Bullying

Stop a Bully- the 3 R's to stop bullying

Stop Bullying- a Thinkquest site designed by students for students 9-16 years old

Stop Bullying Now!- cartoon webisodes depict bullying situations

Teens Against Bullying- see how much you really know about bullying


Dewey Decimal Number: depends on the area of interest; too many to list.
Our collection of career books are located at the end of the geography/history section (900s)
They are not shelved by the conventional
DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM. To make it easier,
all career books are shelved in alphabetical order by the job title.
College DVDs are located in the guidance department.

The Bureau of Labor & Statistics-by subject area

Career Assistance for People with Autism

Career Sighted- videos of people with various occupations

Career Test- answer a load of questions and receive a list of jobs you are well-suited for.

College Atlas- search colleges with the highest acceptance rates, top business colleges, top undergraduate schools and more.

Explore Your Future- search the videos, see what type of personality you have large array of resume choices with step-by-step instructions; requires your email address

Major & Career Profiles- from CollegeBoard, this site lists 47 categories & hundreds of subcategories. About one small paragraph of information on each subject.

My Future- career choices

Next Vista For Learning- career videos

Spa Beauty Schools- search for schools for cosmetology, massage, hair design and holistic/natural health

University of Manitoba- career counseling and many resource links are here alphabetically

YouUniversity-career videos

Civil Rights
Dewey Decimal Number: 323

A Fight for Civil Rights- from the Lakewood Public Library, this site has a comprehensive listing on civil rights, including a section on Jim Crow, Rosa Parks, the 1960's & all sorts of general sites. Excellent web page.

The Civil Rights Era- information on desegregation

Civil the civil rights coalition for the 21st century

Heroes & Icons: Rosa Parks- from Time Magazine

Image Results for Civil Rights- photographs

The King Center- all about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.- from Time Magazine

NAACP- official web site for the National Association of the Advancement of Colored People

Rosa Parks- Scholastic's biography is for grades 7-8

The Rosa & Raymond Parks Institute for Self Development- find a biography, news/events

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights- studies, analyzes & reports on civil rights

Civil War
Dewey Decimal Number: 973.7

American Civil War Collections- find primary sources here, including letters & newspapers

Antietam on the Web- site dedicated to the "single bloodiest day in American History".

The Battle of Gettysburg

Civil find records, photographs, documents, maps & a timeline on the web site. Very good resource.

The Civil War for Kids- timeline, graphs, activity sheets, biographies for younger students

Civil War Maps- from the Library of Congress

Civil War Photographs- contains over 1,118, taken under the supervision of Matthew Brady, photographer.

Matthew Brady, Civil War Photographer- from the Washington Post; slideshow with audio

Mr. Nussbaums's Interactive Civil War

People of the Civil War- from Pearson Education

Poetry & Music- Confederate poetry, music of the war & Union poetry; you can listen to the songs

The Price of Freedom Exhibition- from the Smithsonian Instiution, this is an interactive site with videos.

College Search
Dewey Decimal Number: 378.73

Acting & Modeling Schools | Colleges & Universities | Criminal Justice | Culinary Schools
Military Information | Music Schools | Pre-College Information | Trade Schools

Acting & Modeling Schools
Audition Agency- directory for actors, dancers, models, singers, dancers & musicians;
NY & LA casting directors

Barbizon School of Modeling & Acting

Colleges & Universities
17 Colleges and Universities for Students with Special Needs

*Campus Compare- allows you to search three colleges at a time from their huge database. Also on this site: financial aid information, cost per year for each college, SAT requirements and much more.

Careers & Colleges- helps you explore colleges (4,000 colleges listed) & search scholarships

College Finder-browse by location, major, degree; then compare

College Prowler- compare colleges

College Results Online- compare colleges of your choice

College Search Engine-search by school directory, program directory or by state and compare

College Solved

Federal Student Aid- financial aid, college matching wizard

GoCollege-boasts "the number one college bound web site on the Internet". Lists information on financial aid, college survival, education options, scholarships & college admissions

How Much is Your Degree Really Worth?- infographic gives you the answer..................

Online Colleges- find and compare accredited online colleges

Peterson's- colleges & universities, online & continuing education

Scholarship Scams- from the Federal Trade commission; gives useful information to protect you against scams.

Student Advisor- college reviews, school ratings

Students Review- 3,156 colleges reviewed by students; includes tips fro getting into schools government site gives information for college, campus life & military service

U. S. Universities by State- the University of Texas has listed colleges by state as well as alphabetically. Excellent site seems to be up-to-date.

Universities Worldwide- from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, this list has 169 colleges in just the United Kingdom!

*YouUniversity- career videos; lots of information

*Excellent site pick

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice & Paralegal Schools- find information on police officer training programs, private investigator, paralegal & legal secretary.

Culinary Schools
Culinary Schools-search by state

Military Information
The Military- lists the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard & the National Guard.

Music Schools
A2Z Colleges

Berklee College of Music

Juilliard School of Dance, Drama & Music

Manhattan School of Music

Mannes College of Music

Pre-College Information

*BJ Pinchbeck's College Companion- written by 21 yr. old college senior Pinchbeck, this site is a great resource for everything pre-college, including preparing for college, scholarships & financial aid & finding a college or university. wonderful site covers "Why Go?", "What ot Do?" & "How to Pay".

Find assists you in finding money for your college education; shows you how to look out for scholarship scams.

Trade Schools
A2Z Colleges- lists by state for the following: criminal justice, art, architecture, dance, drama, graphic design & music schools.

Berkeley College- located in Paramus

College Bound- trade school listing

Gibbs College- located in Livingston, NJ

Lincoln Tech-located in Paramus, NJ

Nursing Schools- listed by state auto body tech, automotive tech, electrical engineering, electrician, HVAC; search by program & state

*Excellent site pick

Colonial America
Dewey Decimal Number: 973.2

The American Revolution Center- "a living memorial to the American Revolution and its enduring legacy."

The American Revolution & its Era- maps & charts of North America & the West Indies

Colonial Williamsburg

Documents in Early American History- these are primary source documents; long list


Mayflower History

Outline of American History-chapter one is about the colonial period

William Penn

Pennsylvania 1630-1684

Rare Maps of Colonial America

The Seventeenth Century (1600s) Colonial America- extensive listing includes resources on the British colonies, Dutch colonies, French colonies, Pilgrims, colonial Hispanic America, Williamsburg, Thanksgiving & colonial kids.

Words & Deeds in American History- primary source documents

Copyright-Free Graphics
Although you don't have to ask for permission to use these graphics for your research papers, blogs or webpages, it is very important that you cite your sources. If any of these sources have copyright notices, make sure that you ask permission (if you are allowed) to use the graphic(s). Most images are public domain.

4FreePhotos- public domain images

America From the Great Depression to WWII- from the Library of Congress; over 160,000 black & white images!

Animated State Flags

Antique Clipart- covers the Victorian and Edwardian era; over 1,000 images photos are public domain and free to use

Compfight- read the fine print

Declaration of Independance- download actual parchment copies; high resolution

Department of Agriculture- images of crops, plants, animals, fruits & vegetables etc.

Digital Image Magazine's 25 Free Stock Photo Sites

EdPic Graphical Resource- free photographs and graphics for education; subject areas for drawings and photographs

Free Clipart by Phillip Martin- all illustrations are cartoons; school subjects, occupations, holidays, religions etc.

Free Digital Photos- lower resolution photos are free; higher resolution photos $$$

Free Photos Bank

Geek Philosopher- royalty-free photos

Geography Clipart- make sure to read their policy

Great Images in NASA (GRIN)- high resolution images

Images in the Public Domain- machines, animals, insects, plants, mollusks, agriculture, mammals; all are black and white illustrations

Images of American Political History- graphics believed to be in the public domain; from the early 1600s

The Influenza Epidemic of 1918- pictures and images of documents; from the National Archives

Looking Back on the American Century- photos from the Harry S. Truman Library and Museum

Photos8- free stock photos

Pics4Learning- free for students and teachers

Picturing the Century-100 years of photography from the National Archives

Public Domain Clipart- 8,000 clipart pictures and 5,000 photos! 25,000+ and growing

Public Domain Pictures

Selected Civil War Photographs- from the Library of Congress

United States Government Photos and Images- most are in the public domain, but read carefully

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service- from the National Digital Library

WP Clipart- over 35,000 images in 48 categories

Current Events
Dewey Decimal Number: 070.1

BBC News Online

CNN- news clips, video clips; excellent site

The CNN Challenge- take an interactive quiz to see how much you know about current events

Google Directory- with 8 categories to search, including natural disasters, politics and breaking news

HeadlineSpot- comprehensive listing for all types of news lesson plans for current events are updated daily

Morning Rush!- Top 5 morning show moments are updated daily

National Hurricane Center

News Currents- covers grades 4-12

News in Pictures- list of close to a hundred sites of news galleries, including ABC News, MSNBC & Reuters

Newseum- 946 front pages

Newsmap- visual display of daily news shows larger type for more important stories; choose from 15 countries

Student News Daily- wonderful site

The Week in Rap- news is delivered in rap form; very original

Time Magazine

USA Today

The Washington Post

Dewey Decimal Number: 004.6

Chat Rooms | Cyber Bullying | General Internet Safety Sites
Internet Predators | Netiquette | Privacy Online

Chat Rooms

Chat Danger- information on how to stay safe when you use chat rooms, IM and cell phones

Teen Chat Decoder- safety tips, an acronym dictionary, free safety report, video & newsletter

*Video About Online Chatting

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying- this site is part of the TeensHealth web site, with information on cyber bullying, why people bully and what happens when someone is bullied.

Net Bullies-helps handle cyber-bullying and harassment

Reporting Cyber Bullies- information on what to do if you are bullied

*Video on Cyberbullying- from SchoolTube  

What is Cyber Bullying?- handout


General Internet Safety Sites

CyberAngels- world's oldest & largest Internet safety organization

Cyber Safety- this site is hosted by Rob Nickel, who is an expert on cyber safety. In addition to a listing of tips for teens, parents and educators, there are videos you can download. (PSAs, interviews)

CyberSmart!-how to deal with cyber bullies, a list of proper manners while online, and social networking sites. check out the cartoon with FauxPaw

NetSmartz Teens- they have a section of videos, downloadable activity cards and free multimedia presentations for Windows and Mac computers.

Protecting Kids Online- includes Child Identity Theft, Kids Socializing Online, Teens, Tweens learn about chat room safety, teen safety on the Internet, cell phone safety tips and more.

Safety Tips for Tweens and Teens- this is a government site, with information on staying safe while you are online, including: trusting your instinct, only divulging information you are comfortable with, a reminder that once something is posted it is always there.

Wired Safety- this site claims to be the "world's largest Internet safety, help and education resource." Sections include cyber crime, cyber stalking, Internet predators, social networking and privacy and security.

X-Block- you'll find chat rooms, learn about cyber safety and their iMentoring program.

Internet Predators

About Online Predators- from

Stop Internet Predators- an organization dedicated to information about Internet predators.

*Video About Online Safety


Netiquette-long list of rules for good behavior while you are online

Net Manners- proper behavior tips

Tips for Proper Online Behavior- from the Boston Public Library

Privacy Online

Children's Online Privacy Protection- known as COPPA, this explains how children are protected


*Video About Privacy

Dewey Decimal Number: 962.4

Crisis Guide to Darfur- from the U.S. Council on Foreign Relatis

Crisis in Dafur Expands- video stories from the Washington Post

Darfur: A Genocide We Can Stop

Darfur, Divided by Ethnic Conflict-video from National Geographic

Darfur is Dying- labeled as "a viral video game for changes that provides a window into the experience of the 2.5 million refugees in the Darfur region of Sudan".

Darfur Images- photographs, maps

Eyes on Darfur

Fears of More Misery in Darfur- NY Times multimedia presentation

Genocide in Darfur

Genocide Intervention Network

President Bush & Darfur

Save Darfur

Sudan: Crisis in Darfur- audio slideshow from The Guardian

Sudan in Crisis- from the Washington Post; very visual site


Domestic Violence
Dewey Decimal Number: 362.82

30 Shocking Domestic Violence Statistics That Remind Us It's an Epidemic- Huffington Post

50 Facts About Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence- from the U.S. Department of Justice

Domestic Violence and Abuse

Domestic Violence: Statistics and Facts

Facts About Domestic Violence Against Men

Help for Battered Men

No Visible Bruises: Domestic Violence and Traumatic Brain Injury- The New Yorker Magazine

What is Domestic Violence?- Ridgefield Park Police Department


includes:depressives, hallucinigens, psychedelic, psychoactive, stimulants
Dewey Decimal numbers: 362.29 | 615.86

Club Drugs- another trusted site

Librarians' Internet Index- around 155 trusted sites are listed here

Major Types of Psychoactive Drugs (chart)

Medical Possibilities for Psychedelic Drugs-article from the U.S. government

Medline Plus- this is a government sponsored site with lots of information

National Institute on Drug Use- government site

log in to EBSCO; see Ms. Greller for username/pw

Psychoactive Drugs- outline explains the types of psychoactive drugs

Psychoactive Drugs and Their Classifications

Psychoactive Drugs Tobacco, Alcohol and Illicit Substances A to Z listing

log in to EBSCO; see Ms. Greller for username/pw



Adobe Digital Editions- small list of books (some only one chapter, most full text) in pdf format for download

Audio Books for Free- there are free mp3 downloads, but also many $$

Audio Owl- Nineteen genres in MP3 and iTunes download are available here

Book Rix- close to 13,000 books to read online

Forgotten Books- read online or download pdf

Free Book-s- fill in the blank after "I want a free book about"....and you are given a list of pdf files for download.

Google Books- some are only previews of books; others are the full text

Library of Congress- currently there are 60,000 books which have been scanned; (more every day) you can view online, or download the pdf or Kindle file. This is an incredible resource.

PDFBooks- search a subject you are interested in, and you will be able to either view the book online or download the pdf file.

Planet eBook- classic literature can be downloaded for FREE in pdf format

Planet PDF- classic books including: Dracula, Emma, A Christmas Carol and the Little Women can be downloaded for FREE in pdf format

Project Gutenberg- 30,000 books are available for FREE download on your computer; popular author and book lists are here as well.


The Economy
Dewey Decimal Number: 330 | 332 | 339

EconEdLink- wonderful site contains weblinks, datalinks & lesson plans.

Federal Reserve Education- explains what the Federal Reserve does; explains the basics, including interest rates. This article is for upper elementary & middle school students


Dewey Decimal Number: 333.79 | 621.042 | 641.042

About Hydropower

Adventures in Energy-a look at oil and gas (interactive)

The American Wind Energy Association

Energy Fueling the Future- this site is from the UK; take one of their quizzes and see how much you know about energy

The Energy Story- read the twenty chapter story online

Geothermal Energy- from the Geothermal Education Office

Harness the Power of Wind- from National Geographic

National Science Digital Library

Ocean Wave Energy Company


Solar Electric Power Association- harness the power of the sun!


Environmental Issues
Dewey Decimal Number: 333.72 | 363.75

The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program- facts on global warming

Climate Change
- from the EPA, this is a very comprehensive site

Earth Trends-"EarthTrends is a comprehensive online database, maintained by the World Resources Institute, that focuses on the environmental, social, and economic trends that shape our world.

Environmental Defense Fund

Environmental History Timeline

The Environmental Protection Agency-they protect our health and our environment

High School Environmental Center- from the EPA; for high school students

Mr Garbology- several activities and games

Natural Resources Defense Council- "works to protect wildlife and wild places and to ensure a healthy environment for all life on earth."

pov pov

Save Our Earth and Make a Difference-created by high school students, this site has a lot to offer, including a quiz, bulletin board and lots of information.

The Sierra Club- "we are 1.3 million of your friends and neighbors, working together to protect our communities and the planet."


European History
Dewey Decimal Numbers:

Ancient History Encyclopedia: Europe- there is timeline, videos, images

British History- from Spartacus Educational


Eurodocs: Online Sources for European History

European History Primary Sources

Europeana- over 52 million artworks, artifacts, books, videos, sounds

French History- from Spartacus Educational

French Revolution Digital Archive- from Stanford University Libraries

German History- from Spartacus Educational

German History in Documents and Pictures- from the German Historical Institute

Historical Maps of Europe- University of Texs Libraries

History and Geography of Europe and the World- historical, geographical and antique maps

History of Europe-from Year 1 A.D.

History of Europe- from History World

History of the United Kingdom-primary documents


The National Archives Video-Audio Collection- UK


The Roman World- from Spartacus Educational

Russian History- from Spartacus Educational




Evaluating Web Pages
Dewey Decimal Number: 025.04

Credible Sources Count- view a 10-minute tutorial about how to find sites you can trust. EXCELLENT!

Evaluating Internet Information- from Johns Hopkins University

The Write Source- "who, what when where" explained so you can understand it

Museum of Hoaxes- bogus web sites from A to Z

The Shrock Guide to Evaluation- different guide for each grade level

University of Berkeley Library- an excellent tutorial on finding information on the Internet

Dewey Decimal Number: 920 or 921 (collective & individual biographies)

Conquistadors- from PBS

Discovers Web

Explorers A to Z

Explorers' Timeline

Female Explorers

Multnomah Public Library List of Explorers

Notable Explorers- from Infoplease

Predominant Winds and Explorers' Routes- there's an animated map and tutorial

student research

Fashion Designers
Dewey Decimal Number: 921 (Individual Biography) | 920 (Biography Collection) | B (Biography)

Search your subject using any of these online sources:

fashion windows
ny magazine
marie claire
student research center
top fashion designers


Film Documentaries

ABC News Videos

American Memory Collection: Original Format- from the Library of Congress; primary sources

Blip.TV- over 50,000 independently produced web episodes

Bio Channel- full episodes and shorts

CBS News Video

Center for Digital Storytelling- videos of people and their personal stories

CNN Videos- newsworthy events

C-Span Video Library- political

Discovery Education Streaming- see your teacher to log in

dotSub- translate films into any language


FedFlix- free United States Government films free political documentaries

Frontline- from PBS

The Futures Channel- educational videos

The History Channel Videos

Internet Archive- moving image archive

John Locker- free online documentaries

National Geographic Videos

NBC Learn K12

Next Vista For Learning

New York Times Videos

Nonfiction Documentaries- about 200 on the site

NOVA Online

PBS Video- loads of full length videos

Reel American History- from Lehigh University's Digital Library

Snag Films- free full length documentaries

Surf the Channel- search documentary section from A to Z

Top Documentary Films- free documentaries online

ViewMyTV- free videos from over 180+ countries

WGBH Open Vault- from the PBS station WGBH Boston

Food From Spanish-Speaking Countries
Caribbean | Central America | South America | Spain
Dewey Decimal Number: 641.5

Search for your country on these sites:

Dominican Republic | Cuba | Guadeloupe | Puerto Rico

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic Cooking

Dominican Republic Food Crops

Casa Cuba-recipes

Cuba Recipes

Cuban Cuisine

Cuban Dishes

Cuban Food & Cooking

Cuban Main Dishes

Guadeloupe Information-small paragraph on foods

Guadeloupian Cuisine

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican Recipes

Puerto Rico Food & Drinks

Central America
Belize | Costa Rica | El Salvador | Guatemala
Honduras | Nicaragua | Panama

Belize Food & Diet

Belize Guide

Recipes from Belize

Costa Rica
Costa Rica Cuisine

Costa Rica 101

Costa Rican Culinary Guide

Food & Drink in Costa Rica

Recipes from Costa Rica

El Salvador
Recipes from El Salvador

Food in Guatemala

Guatemalan Food

Guatemalan Recipes

Recipes from Guatemala

Honduran Cuisine-4 recipes

Honduras Cooking & Food

Honduran Quesadillas

Recipes from Honduras

Affordable Food

Nicaraguan Food

Recipes from Nicaragua

Traditional Nicaraguan Food

Panama Living-recipes

Panama's 6 Types of Street Food

Recipes from Panama

South America
Argentina | Bolivia | Brazil | Chile | Columbia
Ecuador | Paraguay | Peru | Uruguay | Venezuela

Argentina Food

Argentine Recipes- small list

Popular Traditional Argentina Food

Recipes from Argentina

Bolivia Food Crops

Bolivian Food Glossary

Marga's Food Blog

Recipes from Bolivia

Maria's Cookbook- savory & sweet recipes

Recipes & Brazilian Food

Recipes from Brazil


Pepe's Chile- explains breakfast, lunch & dinner

Recipes from Chile

Columbian Chicken Soup Recipe

Cook Advice- lists rated food recipes

Recipeland-3 recipes

Recipes from Columbia


Ecuador Food

Ecuador Recipes..Yum! Yum!

Ecuadorian Food & Recipes

Recipes from Ecuador

Food in Paraguay

Overview of Paraguayan Cuisine

Paraguayan Recipes

Recipes from Paraguay

Food in Every Country

Top 10 Things to Eat in Peru- from National Geographic

Peruvian Food

Recipes from Peru

Recipes from Uruguay

Typical Uruguayan Food

Recipes from Venezuela

Venezuela Food Crops

Venezuelan Cuisine

Venezuelan Food & Drink

An Introduction to Spanish Food & Cooking

The Foods of Spain

Meals & the Culture of Spain

Recipe Search-from

Spanish Cuisine

Forensic Science
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 363.25 | 507.8

All About Forensic Science

Autopsy Files- celebrities and other not-so-famous people

Crimes and Clues: The Art and Science of Criminal Investigation

Crime Library- true crime stories

Crime Spider- covers loads of information, including arson, crime scene photos and a criminal justice library.

CSI: The Experience-virtual crime scene activity; see if you can solve the crime

CSI Web Adventures- funded by the National Science Foundation, this site takes you through beginner to advanced level ca; also games and "fun stuff".

Famous Trials-from Charles Manson to O.J. Simpson

F.B.I.- government site for the Federal Bureau of Investigation

F.B.I. Kids' Page- choose your grade level and learn more about what goes on at the F.B.I.

F.B.I. Records- find out about their records and how to obtain information which has been released or not yet released.

Forensic Science- this site was designed by students 16-18 years old and won an honorable mention in Oracle's Thinkquest Competition.

Forensic Evidence Articles- categories include Evidence Law News, Identification Evidence, Behavioral Evidence and Biological Evidence.

Forensic Magazine

Interpol- world’s largest international police organization

NOVA: Investigations Archive- videos on the Unabomber, Typhoid Mary and more.

TruTV Crime Stories

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration

Virtual Exhibit on Forensic Science- site has a databse, timeline and interactive game.

Visible Proofs-forensic views of the body; media, exhibition images, biographies

Dewey Decimal Numbers: 510 | 514 | 516

Fractal Foundation-fractal shows, video, pictures, blog, fractals in school, fractals in the news

Fractal Recursions- picture gallery of fractals

Fractals Unleashed- from Thinkfinity, this student-developed site covers a tutorial, types of fractals, gallery, famous fractals, applications and much more.

Fractal World Gallery

Hunting the Hidden Dimension- NOVA video from PBS

The Infinite Fractal Loop

The Math of Fractals- from

Sprott's Fractal Art- excellent artwork


The French Revolution
Dewey Decimal Number: 944.04


Encyclopedia Britannica

Eyewitness to History- lots of information!

The French Revolution- from FactMonster

French Revolution (part 1): Part 1 of the French Revolution. From the Convocation of the Estates General to the storming of the Bastille



French Revolution (part 2): Royals try to escape. Champ De Mars Massacre. Declaration of Pillnitz. Movement towards becoming a Republic.


French Revolution (part 3) - Reign of Terror: The Reign of Terror


French Revolution (part 4) - The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte: The rise of Napoleon Bonaparte

The History Channel: The French Revolution
- videos

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity: Exploring the French Revolution- documents, songs, maps, timeline, images

Maps of the French Revolution

Neo K12 Videos- for grades 8-12

PBS: Napoleon: Politics in Napoleon's Time




Gang Awareness

Alarming Facts About Gangs

How Street Gangs Work- from

National Gang Center- FAQs about gangs

The Reality of Gangs- from the Sacremento Sherrif's office

Stryve- Striving to Reduce Youth Violence; links to resources and training


Coats of Arms | Search Family Tree | Surname History

Dewey Decimal Numbers: 929.1 | 929.107


Coats of Arms
All Family Crests- choose a to Z

All Family of Crests- view for free; $$ for other stuff

Genealogical Journeys in Time

Make Your Coat of Arms- choose shield, personalize it 15 free printable crests

ProGenealogists- coats of arms, family crests and surname origins.

Search Family Tree

African-American Genealogy "the world’s largest online resource for family history documents and family trees

Archives-launched in July 2009, cost is $39.95 per year

Asia and the Pacific Genealogy Links

A Barrel of Genealogy Links-this site is recommended by the History Channel

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet- very extensive listing search Chicano, Hispanic, Mexican-American genealogy

RootsWeb- oldest and largest free resource on the net

The USGenProject- "The USGenWeb Project consists of a group of volunteers working together to provide Internet websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States."

Surname History learn about the family history of your surname

Ancestor Search-Surname origin and meaning

Behind the Name-etymology and history of surnames List of over 125,000 surnames

Internet Surname Database- 49, 352 last names

Surname Finder- over 1 million surnames listed


Genetic Disorders
Alzheimer's |Autism | Cystic Fibrosis | Crohn's Disease
Down Syndrome | Genetic Conditions | Hemophilia
Huntington's Disease | Parkinson's Disease | Tay-Sachs Disease

Dewey Decimal Numbers: 616-618


Cystic Fibrosis
Crohn's Disease
About Autism-Autism Society
Cystic Fibrosis-Mayo Clinic
Davidson Institute for Talent Development
Huntington's Disease
Genetic Conditions
Down Syndrome
Genes and Diseases- from the National Center for Biological Technology
Genetics Home Reference- a VERY comprehensive site
Tay-Sach's Disease
Parkinson's Disease


Genetic Engineering
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 547.87 | 575 | 660.65


DNA Editing of Human Embryos Alarms Scientists- from Scientific American

Fundamentals of Genetic Testing- from Infoplease

Genetic Engineering- small article from Encyclopedia Britannica

Genetic Engineering Almost Anything- from PBS' NOVA

Genetic Engineering Problems- from Greenpeace

A Lonely Quest for Facts on Genetically Modified Crops- from The New York Times

News About Genetic Engineering- articles from the New York Times



pov Point of View Database (see Ms. Greller for EBSCO password/username)



Dewey Decimal Numbers: 552 | 553

The Burke Museum in a Box- interactive

The Dynamic Earth- from the Smithsonian

Fossils-Facts-and-Finds- everything fossils

Fossils, Rocks and Time- U.S. government site

Geologic Time

Geology Rocks- tutorials and photographs

KidsGeo- for younger kids

The Image- picture galleries of rocks

Interactives: Rock Cycle

Johnston Geology Museum

Links For Rocks and Minerals

Mineral Identification Key

Minerology Database

OneGeology Kids

Rock Cycle Animation

Sinkholes- Florida's landscape

U.S. Map Collections for All 50 States- Relief, Elevation, Drainage, Political and Road Maps


Getting a Job
Print Resources: Newspapers, Magazines

Job Interview Tips | Job Search | Resumes and Cover Letters


Job Interview Tips
Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions and Answers-this site has free downloadable job applications and anonline oob application for over 1,000 Companies.

Interview Thank You Letter

Job Interview Questions- covers interview questions, interview guide, after the interview, salary negotiation, second interview

Job Interview Tips for Teens- from 

Job Search
Career Builder- search for all types of jobs on this site

Got-a-Job- search for a part time job by state

Job Tips for Teenagers

Job Suggestions for 13-15 year olds-from postings are constantly being updated; this is the page for the Bergen Record and Star Ledger

Snagajob- find part time work by town; "the #1 source for hourly employment."

Resumes and Cover Letters
Basic Resume Template-from Microsoft

create your resume online in minutes

Got Resume Builder- build your resume online; download as a pdf, Word doc or text file

Resume Help- site has examples resumes

Resume Tips and Advice- from


Google Apps and Drive
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 005 | 006


Google Drive Reference Sheet- all the info you need to get started

Google Drive Support- assistance from Google

How to Get Started With Google Drive-video from CNET


Muammar Ghaddafi
Dewey Decimal Numbers: B (GHA- biography) | 961.2 (Libya) biography

The Biography Channel- another biography

Infoplease Almanac

Muammar Ghaddafi Pictures- Google search

The Rise and Fall of the Colonel

The Washington Times- articles pertaining to Ghaddafi



Google: Maximize Your Search
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 006.76 | 025.04 | 910.285 (Google Earth)

Google Guides on Searching
The Google Guide- choose from novice, expert or teen and click to find sample queries, understanding your results and cheat sheets to view. This is a very helpful guide!

Google Guide Quick Reference

Google Scholar Advanced Search Tips

Google Search Features- shows you everyday essentials, reference tools, choosing keywords, local search and trip planning

Other Google Programs
Google Book Search- read from books online

Google Earth- free download

Google Image Search

Google Finance

Google Maps

Google Picasa- free photo editing software

Google Similar Image Search- "Refine your image search with visual similarity"

Google Translate- you will find 42 languages here!

Google Video

Dewey Decimal Number: 425

Common Punctuation Marks

English Club- parts of speech; quiz yourself

English Grammar Book-

English Grammar Online- exercises, explanations, vocabulary

English Listening Language Lab Online- a "free online listening resource of over 1,000 listening activities designed especially for ESL and EFL students "

The English Zone- huge site; excellent

Grammar Rules

Help Center- ask a question & receive an answer!

Interesting Things for ESL Students- word puzzles, games, exercises, quizzes & proverbs

Irregular Verb Dictionary

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab- areas are divided into easy, medium & difficult

Verb Tense Tutorial

The Great Depression
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 330.973 | 973.91

The Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library & Museum
- photos of the Great Depression & the New Deal; you can search by keyword, browse or purchase a photo.

Herbert Hoover Presidential Library & Museum

Infoplease- almanac/encyclopedia/dictionary/atlas/timelines all rolled into one site.

Library of Congress- the learning page has information on the Great Depression & World War II.

MSN Encarta Encyclopedia- article includes an audio track of Herbert Hoover.

The New Deal Network- very good site with information about Roosevelt's New Deal

Photographs from the Great Depression- over 160,000 pictures, mainly in black & white

The Stock Market Crash of 1929- from PBS


Surviving the Dust Bowl- from PBS


Gun Control
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 344.73 (social, labor, welfare and related law) | 363.3 (other aspects of public safety)


Amid Pushback, Colorado Gun Control Measure Goes on Trial- NPR news story

Articles on Gun Control- from TIME Topics

Does There Need to Be Stricter Laws for Gun Control?- pros and cons

ABC US News | ABC International News


Gun Control News- from ABC News

Gun Control Videos- long list from ABC News

The Gun Debate- CNN has a page of articles related to guns and gun control

The Killer Who Supports Gun Control- NY Times article about John Lennon, (no relation to the Beatle) who murdered an aquaintance in 2001.

Newtown Didn't Change Lawmakers' Decision About Gun Control- Huffington Post

points of view points of view See Ms. Greller for the login and password

Sandy Hook Massacre Changes Gun Control Conversations- NPR audio track from Talk of a Nation

Six Months After Newtown, Battle Over Gun Control Continues- PBS News Hour

Smart Guns Fire Up Both Sides of the Gun Control Debate- from CBS This Morning


Harlem Renaissance
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 305.5 | 810.9 | 974.7

Artcyclopedia- Harlem Renaissance artists

Drop Me Off in Harlem- shows how art forms interacted with social movements

A Guide to Harlem Renaissance Materials- a lot of information, including photographs

Harlem 1900-1940- from the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture "explore jazz history through one photograph

The Harlem Renaissance- find a timeline & lots of links; site received an award from the L.A. Times in 1998.

Jerry Jazz Museum- historic Harlem tour

Personalities of the Harlem Reanissance-a list of people

Rhapsodies in Black: The Harlem Renaissance

Selected Women Writers of the Harlem Renaissance

Hispanic History Month
Dewey Decimal Number: 973.046


20 Latino PBS Movies You Can Stream for Free During Hispanic Heritage Month

American Sabor- Latin American Music; from the Smithsonian Institution

Baseball Hall of Fame- hispanic ball players

Bio- covers celebrities, history and culture

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month- from Scholastic

English Words Created By Spanish Culture

Famous Hispanics in the World and History

Hispanic Heritage Cultural Tour- from the Smithsonian Institution

Hispanic History Month- Fact Monster

Hispanic Heritage Month- Time for Kids

Hispanic Heritage Month- take the quiz from NBC Latino

Hispanic National Holidays

Hispanic Reading Room- Library of Congress

Hispanics in Congress

La Vida Latina: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with the New York Times

Latino Americans- PBS Series you can watch online

Latinos Share Stories, Photos of Heritage, Traditions, Photos of Tasty Foods- from CNN

National Hispanic Heritage Month- hosted by the Library of Congress

National Hispanic Heritage Month- from the U.S. Deparment of Defense

Ojos- oral histories from the Smithsonian Institution

U.S. Hispanic/Latino Population


Adolf Hitler
Dewey Decimal Number: 921 or B plus HIT

The Death of Hitler

The History Place- features a timeline on the Hitler Youth

Hitler's Book "Mein Kamf"

Hitler's Statements on Foreign Policy- covers 1933-1939

The Hitler Youth

The Rise of Adolf Hitler

The Triumph of Adolf Hitler

The Holocaust
Dewey Decimal Number: 940.53

The Auschwitz Album- rare photos of the people in the concentration camp

Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum

Auschwitz Concentration Camp- take a virtual tour

Auschwitz After 65 Years- Time Magazine's photos slideshow

Auschwitz: The Nazis and 'The Final Solution'- from the BBC

Auschwitz Survivors Tell Their Story 70 Years Later- from CBS News

A Different Type of Holocaust Literature- about Maus author Art Speigelman

History Channel

The Holocaust- production from Glencoe

The Holocaust Memorial Center

Holocaust Timeline

Holocaust Survivor Stories-"Read the stories of the survivors. Hear them speak. Look at their family photographs. Consult our encyclopedia. Read a historical introduction to the Holocaust. Leave your thoughts or ask your questions on our discussion page."

How Stuff Works- videos about the Holocaust

Kristallnacht in Words and Pictures- from Time Magazine

Maus- this is comic book version of the Holocaust; read an excerpt here at Amazon; not well received by the Jewish people

Life After the Holocaust-production from the National Holocaust Museum

Life in the Shadows- production from the National Holocaust Museum

Nazi Concentration Camps- links to each camp is here, with photographs

The Nizkor Project- Camp Belzec

The Nizkor Project- gas chambers

The Nizkor Project- medical experimentation a cybrary of the Holocaust

The Secret Annex Online- take an interactive tour of the place where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust- site includes photos, maps, videos, quizzes, music, museums and much more.

The United States Holocaust Museum

Videos on the Holocaust- from How Stuff Works

Non-Jews Who Assisted the Jews During the Holcaust
Famous Righteous Gentiles

History and Overview of Righteous Gentiles

Holcaust Heroes

Miep Gies and the Diary of Anne Frank

Miep Gies Biography

Non-Jewish Resistance

Oskar Schindler- biography from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Oskar Schindler Story

Polish Heroes- from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum


Rescuers- small list of biographies from PBS

The Story of Miep Gies

Dewey Decimal Number: 306.766

The American Gay Rights Movement- from Infoplease

The American Gay Rights Movement: A Short History

Civil Rights 101: Gays and Lesbians

Gay Discrimination Articles-Huffington Post

Gay Hate Crime Articles- Huffington Post

A History of Gay Marriage

History of Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Social Movements

Sexual Orientation, Homosexuality and Bisexuality- from the American Psychological Association

Timeline: Milestones in the Gay Rights Movement- from PBS


How to Use Our Card Catalog




studentresearchcenter student research center


Human Sexuality
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 306.7 | 613.9

Mayo Clinic

Medline- covers reproductive systems, disorders & illnesses; government site

Teen Wire

Sex Etc.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases- from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention



Dewey Decimal Number:304.8

American Immigration Resources on the Internet- this is a listing of sites; lots of information is here

Angel Island, CA- known as the "Ellis Island of the West"; welcomed more than 250,000 immigrants, mainly Asians.

Canada Visa & Immigration Resources/United States Visa & Immigration Resources

Center for Immigration Studies- focuses mainly on present day immigration

Chinese Immigration & the Chinese in the United States- from the National Archives

Chinese Immigration to the United States- covers 1851-1900; from the Library of Congress

Ellis Island Foundation- search passenger records

Filipino Migration to the United States- from the Philippine History Site

The History Channel's Ellis Island Exhibit- photographs
Immigration History Research Center- search periodicals, digital collection & photos; from the University of Minnesota.

Immigration to the United States- covers 1851-1900; from the Library of Congress

Internet Modern History Sourcebook-covers European immigration (British, German, Irish, Italian, Jewish) Asian immigration, Latin America immigration, Ellis Island & New York; also covers opposition to immigration. Excellent site from Fordham University.
United States Census Bureau- statistics on the foreign-born population of the United States from 1850-1990

United States Citizenship & Immigration Services- government site

United States Immigration Support- info on green cards, visa & citizenship

United States Immigration Timeline- from the Library of Congress



An infographic is a visual image which displays data or information.

Creating an Infographic
The Anatomy of an Infographic: 5 Steps to Create a Powerful Visual

Find and Make Your Own Infographic With

The Five Keys to Creating a Great Infographic- video



How to Create Modern Outstanding Infographics- step-by-step tutorial using Adobe Illustrator

Tutorials on Making Interactive Infographics- 2 videos

What is an Infographic?- explained simply with Legos

Free Tools To Make an Infographic
Barchart- simple tool to use create colorful mind maps

Create a Graph- from Kids' Zone; easy to use

Creately- make diagrams and flow charts

Free Vector World Maps Collection- high resolution world map images

Gliffy- online diagram and flowchart software

Gunn Map-paste in your data and create your custom world map

Pie Color- make a pie chart in 2D or 3D

Piktochart- many templates help you get started; online tutorial helps with the basic steps to create an infographic


Wordle- create word clouds

Collections of Infographics

40 Useful and Creative Infographics- you'll find A Year in Iraq, Evolution of the Household, On Driving: Automobile History and Our Favorite Drugs.

60 Creative Examples of Infographics- includes The Global Tobacco Trade, What Countries Invest the Most in Alternative Energy? and The Periodic Table of Typefaces.

Best Infographics 2010- from Larry Ferlazzo's site; nice listing

Best Interactive Infographics 2009- Larry Ferlazzo's site

Infographic World- view their portfolio; the 24 graphics are really good!

Piktochart- register for free account

Visual Complexity- close to 700 projects in the collection; you can easily search for what you need. infographics and visualizations; HUGE collection share or view infographic

Inventors and Inventions
Dewey Decimal Number: 920 or 921 (collective or individual biographies)

African-American Inventors- from the Encyclopedia Smithsonian; lists an annotated bibliography and resources

The Black Inventor Online Museum

Famous Women Inventors

History of Famous Inventors

Smithsonian Institution- ten inventors; also has links to other sites about those inventors


Iraqi War
Dewey Decimal Number: 956.7

Country Studies- a very comprehensive look at Iraq, from the Library of Congress

Global Connections:The Middle East-created by WGBH Boston & PBS, this site contains 12 "Explore a Theme" units, including terms, pictures & video. Excellent site

Iraq and the War on Terror-40 broadcasts from 1996-present can be found on this site, with your choice of full 60 minute videos or shorter segments.

Iraq: The Reach of War-The New York Times has produced this site, which offers recent news photos and a student quiz

The Nation-articles on the Iraqi War

National Discussion & Debate Series:Iraq- this site is based on the 2007 debate sponsored by the Miller Center of Public Affairs at the University of Virginia. The topic of the debate was "Keeping troops in Iraq is vital for America's national interests in the Middle East".

Primary Sources- lists primary sources including speech texts & reports

Stop the War Coalition- United Kingdom anti war site

United for Peace- national campaign against the war in Iraq

United States Department of Defense


The Kennedy Assassination
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 364.152 | 973.922 | B KEN (Biography on JFK)

5 Things You May Not Know About JFK's Assassination- from CNN


More World News from ABC

Books on the Kennedy Assassination- over 2,000 books, Kindle, audio

The Cuban Missile Crisis: How to Respond?- lesson plan from the JFK Library and Museum

Documents Related to the Kennedy Assassination- from DocsTeach; list of eleven items includes photos, memos, diagram, speech

Everything Changed: JFK's Life and Death- Tom Brokow interviews famous people about JFK

Footage of Kennedy Assassination Used as a Teaching Tool in Oklahoma City High School

JFK50- Kennedy speaks about civil rights, public service, science and innovation, foreign policy

JFK Assassination: Conspiracy or Not?- webquest for 6th grade students

The JFK Assassination Timetable- from M.I.T.

JFK Biography- from

JFK Media Library- from the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

John F. Kennedy Biography- from

John F. Kennedy Timeline- Sparknotes

Kennedy's Final Days- photos capture the last few days of Kennedy's life, from his arrival in San Antonio, Texas on November 21, 1963.

Killing Kennedy-National Geographic's interactive shows Oswald and Kennedy's life stories side-by-side

The Life of John F. Kennedy- from the JFK Library and Museum

A Look Back at the Death of President John F. Kennedy 50 Years Ago- CBS News page of interviews, photos and much more

New Photos of JFK's Final Minutes- recently released

The President John F. Kennedy Assassination Records Collection- from the National Archives

Readers Remember a Terrible Day- stories published in the LA Times

Remembering JFK: Required Reading- from School Library Journal

Remembering John F. Kennedy- interactive from Associated Press includes a map of Dealey Plaza

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza- "approximately 40,000 items related to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the local and global aftermath of his tragic death, the legacy of his presidency and the history and culture of the 1960s." Online collections highlights here.

Timeline: Most Important Events of the Kennedy Presidency

USA Today Article: Most Still Believe in JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Zapruder Film Frame-By-Frame-narrated by Abraham Zapruder, the man who filmed the Kennedy Assassination



Korean War
Dewey Decimal Number: 951.9


Audio Guided Tour of the Korean War- from Pearson

Baptism By Fire: CIA analysis of the Korean War Overview- Central Intelligence Agency

Collections from the Wilson Archive- 11 collections about the Korean War

Experiencing War: The Korean War, Not Forgotten-stories from the Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress

The Korean War- from; videos, speeches, images


The Korean War: An Overview- from the BBC


NSC-68 and the Korean War: Short History- from the U.S. Department of State Office of the Historian

Remembering the Korean War-slideshow from the Wall Street Journal

Teaching with Documents: U.S. Enters the Korean Conflict- from the National Archives



Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dewey Decimal Number: 921 or B

Google Timeline of Dr. King's Life

Infoplease- covers biography, facts, timeline and activities

The King Center- "Established in 1968 by Coretta Scott King, The King Center is the official, living memorial dedicated to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

King Papers Project- primary and secondary documents pertaining to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King Online- biography, speeches, (text) quotes, videos and pictures

Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute

NAACP- King's biography

NAACP Honors Dr. King's Legacy- includes links to speeches

Nobel Peace Prize: Martin Luther King, Jr.

student ref center

Writings of Martin Luther King, Jr.


Latin America's Culture
Dewey Decimal Number: 980 (History of South America) | 981 (Brazil) | 982 (Argentina)
983 (Chile) | 984 (Bolivia) | 985 (Peru) | 986 (Colombia & Ecuador) | 987 (Venezuela)
988 (Guyana) | 989 (Paraguay & Uruguay) 

All About Paraguay- site offers a lot of resources, covering many resources for arts & culture. This site can also be viewed in Spanish.

Argentina: History and Culture

Bolivian Culture & Music

Bolivian Events & Holidays

Business Etiquette

Culture of Argentina

Culture of Bolivia

Culture of Brazil

Culture of Chile

Culture of Guyana

Culture of the Andes- you'll find pictures, songs, life in the Andes

Discover Uruguay


House of Peru- Peruvian history & culture

Latin American Studies- study the culture with a plethora of sites, including, art & crafts, clothing, dance, education, politics, music, & sports.

Latina- beauty, fashion, entertainment, blogs, lifestyle, travel, community and food can be found here.
Living in Peru- learn about managing money, apartment prices, paying bills and ATMs. history, art, and culture

Spanish Culture in Latin America- this is a great site with information about culture, cinema, biographies, literature, music, picture gallery, and a virtual tour.
student research centerSearch "Latin American culture", than narrow results to "culture"

Videos About South America- from the site, "How Stuff Works", this Discovery Company has hundreds of videos, covering each country, from Argentina to Venezuela. You will need the latest version of FLASH player to view the videos.

Medieval Times
Dewey Decimal Number: 940.1

Castles on the Web-some of the categories on this site include: Myths & Legends, Weapons & Supplies, Medieval Studies, Castle Photo Archive, & Abbeys & Churches.

The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources-lots of information is here, with 18 main categories (i.e. history, culture, religion) to many subcategories.

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook- there are three main index pages: Selected Sources, Full Text Sources and Saints' Lives.The site lists other sourcebooks and has multimedia. (pictures & maps)

Middle Ages & Renaissance Pathfinder Listing-from Lakewood High School, the list is divided into General Indexes, Philosophy & the Church, Castles & Knights, Daily Life, Science, Technology, Science & Warfare, Art & Architecture, Legends and Literature. When I checked this site, the links all worked. Excellent!!


Native Americans
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 970s

The American Indian Cultural Center and Museum- information on all the tribes, (by area) current exhibitions and performances



First People of America and Canada- site is loaded with information, including crafts, poems, prayers, free clip art

Interview: Native Americans- interview with Donald Fixico, Thomas Bowlus Distinguished Professor of American Indian History and Director of the Center for Indigenous Nations Studies at the University of Kansas

Native American Art History- covers

Native American Culture and Heritage

Native Americans and Immigraton- from the Library of Congress website

Native American Culture- from

Native American Cultures- from

Native American Recipes

Native Celebs- famous Native Americans

Native Cultures- loads of resources

Navajo Code Talkers- soldiers during World War II

PBS: Revitalizing Indian Cultures

Scholastic Explorers: Native American Cultures

TeacherVision's List of Resources, Printables, Slide Shows- grade levels are listed

Totem Pole Craft- step-by-step instructions


New Jersey
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 917.49 | 974.9 facts about NJ

About NewJersey- covers all aspects of the Garden State

Infoplease- NJ history, geography, population and facts

New Jersey Colleges- Google search

The New Jersey Devils- hockey

New Jersey Images- Google search

New Jersey Legislature

New Jersey Life Magazine

New Jersey Meadowlands Commission

The New Jersey Nets- basketball

New Jersey Newspapers- Google search

Official Website for the State of New Jersey

Ridgefield Park

student research center Search "New Jersey"

Magazines Online

Art and Music
Business and Finance
Cars and Motorcycles
Zoobooks- for younger children
Current Events

Nelson Mandela
Dewey Decimal Numbers: B MAN (biography) | 916.8 (South Africa)

The Evolution of Nelson Mandela- CNN

A Revolutionary's Life- NBC News Slideshow articles about Mandela

The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela- PBS' Frontline

Mandela's Death Leaves South Africa Without its Moral Center- NY Times

The Mandela Playlist: A Life and Legacy Told Through Music- from NPR 

Mandela and the Politics of Forgiveness- from the New Yorker 


Nelson Mandela Biography- from

The Nelson Mandela Foundation

The Nelson Mandela Museum

Nelson Mandela Quotes


Nobel Peace Prize Site- Nelson Mandela Biographical

NPR: An Audio History of Nelson Mandela

A Revolutionary's Life- NBC News Slideshow

Time- Remembering an Icon of Freedom

Facts About His Life

Infographic in Spanish (La Vida de Nelson Mandela)

Life and Times



Timeline of Key Events in the Life of Nelson Mandela


Mental Illness
Dewey Decimal Number: 616.89

10 Personality Disorders

Mental Health and Mental Illness

Mental Health Basics- from Healthline

Personality Disorders-

Types of Mental Illness

What is Mental Illness?


Dewey Decimal Number: B (Biography) plus first three letters of the person's last name | 920 (Biography collection)

Famous British Musicians- includes Adele, John Lennon, Mick Jagger

Famous French Musicians- from; includes Josephine Baker, Edith Piaf, Claude Debussy

Famous Singers- includes Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce

The Famous People- includes classic musicians, i.e. Mozart, Debussy

Notable Blues, R&B, Pop, Rock Singers & Bands- from Aaliyah to Rob Zombie

Rock and Roll Biographies- from ABBA to ZZ Top

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

student research


Natural Disasters in the News
California Earthquakes | Hurricane Katrina | Hurricane Sandy | Typhoon Haiyan


California Earthquakes
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 363.3 (public safety) | 551.22 (meteorology-earthquakes) | 979.461 (California)

5 Largest California Earthquakes

California Earthquake Historyand Catalogs- from the California Department of Conservation

Great California Shakeout Day- world's largest earthquake drill; warnings about "The Big One"

How to Survive an Earthquake- from Wikihow

May 24, 2013- 5.7 largest to hit since 2008

October 19 Earthquake- Gulf of California affected


Hurricane Katrina
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 363.3 (public safety) | 551.55 (meteorology-hurricanes) | 976.04 (New Orleans, LA)

11 Facts About Hurrican Katrina

Facts, Damage and Aftermath- from LiveScience article and videos on the 2005 hurricane


Hurricane Katrina Timeline-from Infoplease




Hurricane Sandy
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 363.3 (public safety) | 551.55 (meteorology-hurricanes) | 974.9 (New Jersey)

Fast Facts- from CNN

Lessons From the Storm- from TIME magazine

Superstorm Sandy: A Daily Diary

Superstorm Sandy: Facts About the Superstorm-from LiveScience

A Timeline of Hurricane Sandy's Path of Destruction- from National Geographic




Typhoon Haiyan
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 363.3 (public safety) | 551.55 (meteorology-hurricanes, tornadoes) | 959.9 (The Philipines)

Before and After Photos from CNN

CNN Resources About Typhoon Haiyan

Interactive Video from the Washington Post

While the Atlantic is Quiet, aHistoric Typhoon Bears Down on the Western Pacific- from TIME




Occupy Wall Street
Dewey Decimal Number: 303.48
"Occupy Wall Street is a people-powered movement that began on September 17, 2011 in Liberty Square in Manhattan’s Financial District, and has spread to over 100 cities in the United States and actions in over 1,500 cities globally." -from the website

14 Reasons People Are Occupying Wall Street

CNN- list of articles devoted to Occupy Wall Street

The Guardian- libral newspaper from the UK

Huffington Post Occupy Wall Street Page

The Occupied Wall Street Journal- they say that "they write for the 99%"

Occupy Wall Street- the group's website with information on the movement

pov Go to EBSCO and choose this database

Stories Tagged "Occupy Wall Street"- from WNET

research Go to EBSCO and choose this database

Think Occupy Wall Street is a Phase? You Don't Get It- opinion piece on CNN

What is Occupy Wall Street? - article from Forbes magazine



Organization and Study Skills

Dewey Decimal Numbers: 305.2 | 371.3 | 650.1

Organization | Study Skills



Avoiding Procrastination- do you like to put things off? Then perhaps you need help in this area

Checkvist- online collaborative outliner and task list manager

Create Your To Do List- fill out the online form and watch what happens

Evernote- save your notes, ideas, urls, photos all online so you can access them from any computer. Click here to see the free iPhone application for Evernote.

Google Calendar- organize your events and dates online for free; share with no one or everyone

iStudiez Lite- track your calendar and assignments with this free iPhone application. *** organize through mind mapping; works in your browser.

Nexty-online to-do list

Postica- online sticky notes

Remember the Milk- a free iPhone application which allows you to organize all your tasks, including homework; use it with Google Calendar. Notifications can be via IM, text or e-mail.

Remind Post- send a task to yourself and it keeps reminding you until the task is completed

Schoolbinder- free online student organizer

Shoshiku- free personal planner

Square Leaf- virtual sticky notes

Study Stack- find flashcards or make your own; use with applications on your cell phone or iPod

Ta-Da List- simple list maker

Ten Applications of Time Management for Learning

Ten Tips for Students- this small list of organizational suggestions is from

Time Management- a 17.50 minute video from Dartmouth University

Time Management Tips- from The College Board

Top Ten Skills for High School Students- very concise listing

Track Class- online organizer

Wipee List- easy to-do list maker

Study Skills iPhone App- free download gives you a dictionary at your fingertips.

Effective Lecture Note-Taking Tips

Flashcards Deluxe- this iPhone application costs $3.99 and lets you organize your flash cards into stacks. Studying was never this much fun!

How to Improve Study Skills in Middle School- there are 7 tips on this site, as well as some helpful videos. The only annoying part is the ads which are visible (you can click "x" to close them) while you are trying to watch the videos.

How to excellent site has loads of information, including SAT study tips, good listening in class, test anxiety & taking notes in class.

iThesaurus- a free iPhone application which offers a thesaurus with 140,000 words.

Mastering Your Time- explains how to manage your time

Middle School Study Skills- a short video by private tutor Alexa Hale. Very helpful!

notetaking paper Notetaking Paper- generates a pdf which you can print

Notetaking Skills

Setting Useful Goals

Steps to Effective Textbook Reading

Study Skills Checklist

Study Skills Guide- tips, strategies

Study Skills Help & Study Tips- this is a downloadable file

Study Skills Mentor- this site has many resources for study skills, including a 39 page booklet (free) when you register.

Study Skills Tips and Homework Help for Math

Study Tips- a 4 minute video offers tips for studying; for students grades 7-12. The teacher relates these tips to math class.

Osama Bin Laden
Dewey Decimal Numbers: B (Biography) BIN | 363.325 | 909.83 | 958.104 | 973.931


Bin Laden: From Millionaire's Son to Most Wanted- from NPR

Bin Laden's FBI Most Wanted Poster

Biography of a Terrorist- from Infoplease almanac

Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia- EBSCOHostWeb > Funk & Wagnalls

In Pictures: Osama Bin Laden's Life- from the BBC

In the Words of Osama Bin Laden- from LIE

Milestones: Osama Bin Laden- interactive timeline

The Most Wanted Face of Terrorism- extensive obituary on Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden, America's Most Wanted- interactive timeline for the Wall Street Journal

Osama Bin Laden, His Life in Pictures- from The Guardian

Osama Bin Laden Killed: How it Happened- from BBC

points of view see Ms. Greller for the username/password

Quotes From Osama Bin Laden

student research centersee Ms. Greller for the username/password

Terrorism Today: Investigating Al Qaeda'a Presence Around the World- from the New York Times

Timeline: Osama Bin Laden Over the Years- from CNN

U.S. Forces Kill Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan- MSNBC's site has many resources here, including videos and a slide presentation.


Periodic Table
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 540 | 546

ABPI's Interactive Periodic Table


Chemical Elements- each element is described using great visuals

Chemicool Periodic Table of the Elements

Chemistry Quiz on the Periodic Table

Dynamic Periodic Table- nice chart is downloadable

Facts on File Science Database- instructions for locating information on elements

The History of Chemistry

Interactive Periodic Table

Interactive Periodic Table- roll mouse over each element for a description

Lenntech Periodic Table- lists the history of each element, properties, health & environmental effects and can be viewed in English, Spanish, Dutch, French or German! (set from their home page) 

Los Alamos National Laboratory's Periodic Table- very colorful site describes the history, sources, properties & uses

The Periodic Table Adventure- history of the table

The Periodic Table of Comic Books- link to comic books that use a particular element

Periodic Table Videos- short videos demonstrate elements

The Periodic Table of Videos- a video for each element; Flash needed for the site

Photographic Periodic Table of the Elements- photos of the elements

Printable Periodic Tables- lots of choices

Web Elements- contains history & basic information

Edgar Allan Poe
Dewey Decimal Numbers: B POE or 921 POE (Biography) | 811.3 | 813.08 | 818.309

Audio Downloads

The Black Cat

The Cask of Amontillado

The Fall of the House of Usher

The Masque of the Red Death

The Pit and the Pendulum

The Purloined Letter

The Telltale Heart


ebsco search "Edgar Allan Poe" and click the Literary Criticism tab

The Poe Museum

Poe Stories

Dewey Decimal Number: 808

Avoiding Plagiarism- from the Purdue Online Writing Lab; very good site gives an overview on plagiarism, with information on paraphrasing and exercises for students.

Citation Machine- create a citation in APA, MLA, Turabian & Chicago; free

EasyBib- creates a citation from the information you input; APA is free, cost for others

Facts About Plagiarism

How to Cite Your Sources- very complete listing

KnightCite- from Calvin College; APA, MLA, & Chicago are all free

MLA Formatting and Style Guide- very complete; shows formatting for all types of sources

Plagiarism Tutorial- information and 2 quizzes to check your knowledge; from the University of Southern Mississippi

Successful vs. Unsuccessful Paraphrasing- many examples are shown to explain the best way to paraphrase a paragraph

Types of Plagiarism- lists six types of plagiarists and five sources cited by still plagiarized types of people

What is Plagiarism?- a video from Rutgers University; explains the seriousness of plagiarism; excellent!!

WriteCheck- submit your paper to see if you plagiarized anything; $$

You Quote It, You Note It- a short slide presentation/quiz to see how much you know about plagiarism



Dewey Decimal Number: 006.7


Tools for Creating a Podcast

Audacity- available for Windows, Mac, Linux

AudioBoom- download the app for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows just upload your audiofile to their site, or app for iPhone, Android

Garage Band- for Macintosh computers; download program for computer or iPad. ($$)

Ocenaudio- Windows XP download

Podomatic- work online or with the free app for iPod and Android

Soundcloud- record or upload audio to share


How to Create a Podcast

Basic Podcast Equipment Needs- Podfly

How to Make a Podcast- from Digital Trends

Making a Podcast- advice from Apple


The Podcast Method- everything you need to know about being a podcaster

ReadWriteThink's The Nuts and Bolts of Creating Podcasts- includes tutorials and sources for free images and audio.


Sample Podcasts
(see what everyone is doing)

Audio Podcast for Middle Schoolers

Claymount Fourth Grade Social Studies Vocabulary Words

Garrison Forest School- middle school podcasts

Listen Up! Student Podcasts- grades 8-11

NASA Student Opportunities Podcasts

Our City: A Podcast for Kids- elementary and middle school students

Smithsonian American Art Museum Student Podcasts- entries from students all over the world

Dewey Decimal Number: 800s

30 Days of Poetry

Academy of American Poets

Free Verse Poetry

Glossary of Poetic Terms

Handbook of Rhetorical Devices

The Poet's Corner

Poem Hunter- 310,931 poems from 24,752 poets

Poetry 180- a poem for every day of the school year; from the Library of Congress

Poetry Portal

Sonnet Central

Types of Poetry

Political Cartoons
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 320.97 | 741.5 | can also be in the 900s for history

Cartoon of the Day- from HarpWeek; search by theme: TOPICS, PEOPLE, PLACES; excellent!

Daryl Cagle's Political Cartoonists' Index - huge collection of political cartoons

Historical Political Cartoons- there is a listing here from the Poway Unified School District; warning that you should be warned that several of the words, descriptions, and images in these 19th-century caricatures are considered racially offensive by today’s standards.

Political issues are covered here; large collection

Political Cartoons by Dr. Seuss- covers 1941-1943

The Presidential Elections- political cartoons cover 1860-1912; from HarpWeek

Today's Political Cartoons- from the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists; international, national and local

World War I Gallery

World War II Cartoons- this site covers cultural, economic, political, military from 1941-1945

World War II Cartoons- teacher Mrs. Oz created this page with links that cover cartoons in print and film

Political Corruption
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 172 (Political Ethics) | 320.9 (Political situations & conditions)
973.9 (U.S. 1900-) | B (Biography for a specific person) search "political corruption" and you'll get results from all over the world

ebscoChoose "Master File Premier" and search "political corruption"

Government Statistics- chart shows corruption by country

Infoplease Encyclopedia

student research


Political Cartoons- democracy and corruption

Political Cartoons from Nixon's Presidency- Watergate

Political Corruption in American History- this timeline covers 1760-2010

Presidential Scandals

Rod Blagjovich- Illinois Governor who was impeached for trying to sell Obama's vacated senate seat

Timeline for Scandals in American History- from Google; covers 1900-2009

Ulysses S. Grant: Savior and Blunderer

Preparing For College
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 371.9 | 373.12 | 378.1 | 378.1662 (testing) | 650.14 (resumes)

10 Important Things to Ask When Picking a College- very helpful site

BJ Pinchbeck's College Companion- written by 21 yr. old college senior Pinchbeck, this site is a great resource for everything pre-college, including preparing for college, scholarships & financial aid & finding a college or university. wonderful site covers "Why Go?", "What ot Do?" & "How to Pay".

College Packing List- checklist for college

College Prep 101- answers many questions you might have about picking a college

A College Timeline- things you should be doing as a high school freshman to a high school senior.

Education Planner- helpful tips for school and career plannning

Find assists you in finding money for your college education; shows you how to look out for scholarship scams.

Get Ready For College- great info including how to save for college and a college prep timeline

Senior Year Timeline- from College Bound; your "to do" list for 12th grade

Presidents of the United States
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 921 or B (individual biography) | 920 (biography collection) | 973 (United States)

The American Presidency: A Glorious Burden- from the Smithsonian

American Presidents: Life Portraits- from C-Span

The Avalon Project: Papers of the Presidents- from Yale Law School

By Popular Demand: Portraits of the Presidents and First Ladies- from the Library of Congress

Character Above All: An Exploration of Presidential Leadership

National Archives Presidential Libraries and Museums

Presidential Inaugurations- from the Library of Congress' American Memory

The Presidents- PBS' American Experience series; watch full episodes online

Presidents of the United States (POTUS)- from ipL2

student research center See Ms. Greller for the username and password

The White House- information about the Presidents of the United States

The White House Historical Association


Primary Documents and Sources
(original documents, manuscripts or records)

African American History- listing of sites including gateways/collections & curriculum

American Memory Map Collections-search for cities/towns, conservation/environment, discovery/exploration & general maps

American Posters of World War I

American Rhetoric- online speech bank

Archives in the Attic- documents from the Great Depression

Archiving Early America- newspapers, maps & writings from 18th century America

The Authentic History Center- artifacts & sounds from American popular culture

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School-documents in law, history & diplomacy

Battle Lines: Letters From America's Wars- thousands of wartime letters, from the Gilder Lehrman Collection

Child Labor in America- covers 1908-1912

DocsTeach- 3,000+ primary source documents for classroom use

Documents for the Study of American History- from 1000-2000, this is a very extensive listing of pdf and audio files

Eurodocs- selected transcriptions, facsimiles & translations

Eyewitness to History- audio clips from people entitled "Voices of the 20th Century"

The Face of Slavery and Other African American Photographs explore by historical era; over 68 million documents here.

Historical Recipes of Different Cultures- Antique Roman dishes, Medieval & Anglo Saxon recipes & Medieval European Recipes

History of Ireland- primary documents

History Matters- includes 1,00 primary documents, images & audio interviews

Holocaust Photos- [very graphic]

Letters from an Iowa Soldier in the Civil War- written by Newton Robert Scott

Medieval Sourcebook- full text sources

The National includes electronic records, maps & aerial images, microfilm, motion picture & sound, photos, posters, pictures & texual/paper records

Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room- from the Library of Congress, this extensive listing includes: historical collections from 19th & 20th century

The 1900's- headlines & audio from 1900-1999

The Oriental Institute- photographic archives includes maps from Egypt, Iran, Iraq & Sudan

Our Documents- 100 milestone documents

The Papers of George Washington- contains documents, articles, maps & images

Photos of the Great Depression- includes dust storms, farms for sale, migrant workers

Popular Songs in American History- from 17th century; this is a huge collection of audio files!

Prints and Photographs Reading Room- from the Library of Congress, these are selected images of Ellis Island & Immigration.

Repositories of Primary Sources- over 5,000 websites are listed here, covering manuscripts, archives, historical photographs & other primary sources. WOW!!

Science Service Historical Image Collection- 20th century scientific research; site claims "the captions were written by Science Service journalists and have been transcribed exactly".

Spy Letters from the American Revolution- from the William L. Clements Library

Talking History- from the University at Albany, this is a site for aural history, including radio shows

The Thomas Jefferson Digital Archive- over 1700 items, (electronic texts, some color manuscript images; 9,000 quotations arranged by theme, date, topic recipient & place of publication

Time and Life Pictures- search by date or use the advanced search

Timeline of Art History- from the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Turning the Pages- document include: first atlas of Europe, the oldest printed book, the original Alice's Adventures Underground (Alice in Wonderland) & Mozart's musical diary.

United Nations Treaty Collection

The Vault- F.B.I.'s documents; currently houses about 3,000 digital scans and is updated regularly

Women's Speeches from Around the World

World War II in Color-site has photos for download

World War II Military Situation Maps- browse the collection by title, subject or date; from the Library of Congress

Pros and Cons
(sites which show the pros and cons of a specific topic)

Dewey Decimal Numbers: vary by the topic. See Ms. Greller for extra assistance.

Debatabase- you can browser topics alphabetically

Debate Central- "Debate Central is an online resource created and maintained by the National Center for Policy Analysis for high school students researching the nationwide high school debate topic."

Fact Check-project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania; " a nonpartisan, nonprofit “consumer advocate” for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics. We monitor the factual accuracy of what is said by major U.S. political players in the form of TV ads, debates, speeches, interviews and news releases."

Google Scholar- searches only scholarly or academic articles

Middle School Topic Research Guide- nice listing of debate topics and sites relatd to that topic

New York Times Opinion Pages- varied topics

Points of View- database included in our EBSCO subscription pov See Ms. Greller for log in information. covers 49 controversial issues

Times Topics- topic page collect news, reference and archival information, photos, audio and video files; goes back to 1981


Dewey Decimal Number: 808.882

All Great Quotes- search by topic or author; also special categories are: proverbs, special occasions, literary

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

Brainy Quote- search by author or topic

Great Quotes- famous quotes, search by author, keyword

Memorable Quotations- U.S. Presidents

Memorable Quotations- very extensive listing by category; quotes from writers, astronomers, poets, lawyers, much more

Open Directory Listing- 5 categories and over 2,200 listings

Quotable Women: An Archive of Memorable Quotes By Women

The Quotations Page- over 28,000 quotes

Quoteland- search by topic

Quoteworld- over 15,000 quotations


Dewey Decimal Number: 305.8


5 Ways That Blacks and Whites are Still Not Equals, 50 Years After Selma- Washington Post

American Denial- PBS video

Approaching Racial and Cultural Sensitivity- Edutopia


Black Teens Who Commit a Few Crimes Go to Jail as Often as White Teens Who Commit Dozens- Washington Post

Chris Rock is Right: White Americans are a Lot Less Racist Than They Used to Be


Race and Overreaction: On the Streets and in Schools

Racial Bias, Even When We Have Good Intentions- NY Times

Racism Articles- NY Times

Racism Articles- Washington Post

Racism in America- Google Search

Racism in America- Huffington Post articles

This May Be the Way to Eliminate the Biases White Students Don't Know They Really Have- Washington Post

White Privilege, Quanified- from The Atlantic

Why are White People Expats When the Rest of Us are Immigrants?

Why So Many Americans Still Deny Racism Exists When the Evidence is Everywhere?



Dewey Decimal Numbers: B (Biographies) | Various numbers based on countires

A Visual Guide to 75 Years of Major Refugee Crises Around the World- Washington Post


Photographing the Refugee Trail by Drone- New York Times

Picturing the New Americans- The Atlantic



The Renaissance
Dewey Decimal Number: 940.2 | 942.05 | 945.05 (Italian Renaissance)

Courtship Rituals During the Renaissance- Prezi

Customs of Love, Marriage and Dating

Love and Marriage: Life in the Elizabethan Period

Marriage in the Renaissance

Medieval and Renaissance Food

Music & Dance-from Capistrano School; a small site on the Renaissance

Renaissance: The Elizabethan World- includes life at court, heraldry, sumptuary laws, treason trial & links.
WebMuseum, Paris-La Renaissance-covers Italy, Netherlands, Germany & France

Renaissance- interactive guide helps students explore the Renaissance

Renaissance an online catalog for gowns and dresses from the Renaissance era

TeacherOz- very comprehensive site on the Renaissance includes site listings, primary documents & books, timelines, maps, glossaries, architecture/art, music, literature, theatre, dance, religion, reformation,politics, war, scientific revolution. Too much to list here!!

Wedding Customs During the Renaissance

Women in the Renaissance and Reformation


Evaluating Web Sites | Image, Photos, Clip Art
Primary Source Documents | Research Help | Search Engines

Basic Guide to Essay Writing

Cite Your Sources- guide to creating footnotes, endnotes & parenthetical references

Common Errors in English Usage

Essay Builder- writing tips

Four Nets for Better Searching- tips for better Internet searching

High School Research Paper Tips- videos to help you with the research process

Important Terms for Research

IPL Teenspace: A+ Research & Writing

OWL Online Reading Lab -General Writing Concerns (Planning/Writing/Revising/Genres)

PaperRater- Just upload your paper and have it checked before you hand it in! Also receive writing suggestions. Try it here.

RefDesk Tools for Research

Research 101- from the University of Washington; there are 6 units to this online lesson

Research & Documenting Sources

Searching With Success- a 10-minute tutorial from Acadia University; very informative

Specialized Search Engines & Directories

Nine Great Resources for Research:
Academic Info-subject guide descriptions provide relevant sites.

Infomine- annotated academic sites and subject databases

Infotopia- educator selected sites

Intute- annotated academic sites

IPL- information you can trust

iSeek Education- search a topic or ask a question

LibGuides Community- over 100,000 pathfinders from thousands of libraries

SurfWax- search your topic and find similar, broader or narrower ones

Sweet Search- selective searches for students

Ten Steps to a Good Research Paper- from How to

Worksheet:How to Do Research-The Kentucky Virtual Library produced an easy-to-follow worksheet which explains the steps to do research.


Resume Tips
Dewey Decimal Number: 650.14

How to Create Your Resume- tips from The College Boar

How to Make a Resume for a High School Student with No Experience


Resume: High School Academic

Resume Builder- step-by-step help creating a resume

Resumes- Pinterest board

Sample Resume for High School Students- from the Massachusetts Department of Education


September 11, 2001
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 973.931 | 974.71

9/11 Memorial Timeline

The 9/11 Tapes: The Story in the Air- NY Times listing of FAA audio conversations

Maps Relating to 9/11

National September 11 Memorial and Museum- official site for the 911 Memorial at ground zero in Manhattan

Remembering 9/11-National Geographic

September 11 the Collection- from ebrary; list of books about 9/11

September 11 Digital Collection

Teaching 9/11- The September 11 Education Program

TeacherVision Resources on September 11

Understanding 9/11: A Televsiion News Archive- in depth look at September 11; covers hour-by-hour and the days that followed

Watch Know Learn 9/11 Videos

Witness to Apocalypse- New Yorkers describe their experiences

Science Fair Projects
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 500s (Natural Sciences) | 507.8 (Experiments) | 600s (Technology)

All Science Fair Projects- this site boasts that it has "hundreds of science fair projects"; all grade levels

Discovery's Science Fair Central- everything you need to get you started

IPL2 Science Fair Project Guide- step-by-step instructions

The Science Project- ideas for 7th and 8th graders

ScienceBob- this site has loads of "science stuff," and you'll find ideas, videos, research and experiments

Steps of a Science Fair Project- yup, step-by-step

Dewey Decimal Number: 822.23

Absolute Shakespeare- plays are listed by comedies, histories & tragedies; find study guides & trivia as well

Folger Shakespeare for Kids- fun facts, colring pages, crossword puzzles and Shakespeare challenges

Internet Shakespeare Editions-"The aim of the Internet Shakespeare Editions is to make scholarly, fully annotated texts of Shakespeare's plays available in a form native to the medium of the Internet. ... The Library itself will contain fully refereed materials only, and in due course will be the core of the Editions; at present, however, there are no fully developed texts yet available."

Literary Criticism About William Shakespeare- lists critical, biographical & other sites

lit-ref Go to EBSCO & click on Literary Reference Center
Browse authors
The full HTML text is often available

MIT Global Shakespeare- video and performance archive

Play Shakespeare- "The ultimate free Shakespeare resource."

A Selected Guide to Shakespeare on the Internet- comprehensive listing of Shakespeare resources on the Internet

Shakespeare and His Critics- 17 resources are here, from essays to letters to directories

Shakespeare Uncovered- PBS site includes full performances, interviews with actors, Shakespeare's biography

Shakespeare's Language- online etymology dictionary

ref Go to
Choose Student Research Center
Search "Charles Dickens"

Surfing the Bard- the Bard Zones include a discussion section, play listing & fun

WordNet- a lexical database for the English language


Sibling Rivalry
Dewey Decimal Number: 155.4 (Child Psychology) | 649.143

About Sibling Rivalry-from KidsHealth

Adult Sibling Rivalry- from Psychology Today

Birth Order-Sibling Rivalry

How Birth Order Affects Kids


Resolving Teen Sibling Rivalry and Jealousy

Sibling Rivalry- from WedMD

Dewey Decimal Numbers: 306.3 | 973.049

The African-American: Journey from Slavery to Freedom- from C.W. Post College, this site (although not flashy) has a lot of information on the background, information and personalities related to slavery.

Slavery and the Making of America- from PBS, there are highlights of people from that period in history, a timeline, listen to music the slaves heard, and view primary source documents.

Slavery Image Search- over 1200 images in 18 categories are here

Slavery Museum 4 Teens- set up as a wiki, this is a very comprehensive site on slavery; the curators of the site are teenagers.


The Solar System
Dewey Decimal Number: 523

8 Wonders of the Solar System- interactive site from Scientific American

Amazing Space-covers astronomy for all ages

Celestia- free space simulation

The Educational Guide to Space & Astronomy-indexes on galaxies, stars, comets, solar system, astronauts & cosmonauts and extra solar planets

The Eight Planets- multimedia tour of the solar system

Google Earth- requires a download

Google Sky- if you love Google Earth, you'll really love Google Sky!

Microsoft Research Worldwide Telescope- your computer will be a virtual telescope with their downloaded program.

NASA's Historic Timeline-history of space exploration and astronomy

Skyserver- "This website presents data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, a project to make a map of a large part of the universe."

Solar System Exploration-well laid-out site by NASA, with multimedia & an interactive section

Solar System Simulator-computer graphics allow you to see NASA space missions; sections include earth, the solar system, stars & galaxies & technology

StarDate-each planet is examined in detail

Song Lyrics
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 782.14 | 782.42 | 782.81 | 791.43

A to Z Lyrics Universe


eLyrics- 200,000 lyrics on this site

InstaLyrics- simple, easy search for lyrics; videos accompany the lyrics

Just Lyrics- "you search, we find" claim to be the largest collection on the web; not sure.....

Lyrics Download- 700,000 lyrics on one of the largest sites on the web


Metro Lyrics- over 450,000 lyrics

Open Directory- search lyrics by style of music

Spanish Art & Customs
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 750 (Paintings & Painters) | 780 (Music)
786/788 (Musical Instruments) | 793.3 (Dance) | 920 (Biography Collections)
921 or B (Individual Biographies)

Site to use for biographies:

Spanish Artists
Antonio Gaudi | El Greco | Pablo Picasso | Salvador Dali | Diego Velazquez

Bullfighting | Holy Week in Spain | Running of the Bulls | Spanish Dance

Mexican Artists
Diego Rivera | Frida Kahlo


Spanish Artists

Antonio Gaudi

Artworks for Sale-Find works of art, auction results & sale prices of artist Antonio Gaudi at galleries and auctions worldwide.

Gaudi: His Life & Works

Mark Hayden's Artchive-nice biography with recommended reading list

El Greco

Biography-from the Global GalleryEl Greco's Artwork- online gallery

Greco Bio-from the Van Gogh Gallery

Mark Hayden's Artchive-nice biography with recommended reading list

Pablo Picasso

Bio & Timeline-you can also enter Picasso's gallery

Biography-from the Global Gallery

Mark Hayden's Artchive-nice biography with recommended reading list

Picasso Bio- from the Van Gogh Gallery

Salvador Dali

Bio & Timeline- you can also enter Dali's gallery

Biography-from the Global Gallery

Dali Bio-from the Van Gogh Gallery

Mark Hayden's Artchive-nice biography with recommended reading list

Diego Velazquez

Bio- from Web Museum

Diego Velazquez Paintings Gallery

Mark Hayden's Artchive-nice biography with recommended reading list


Mexican Artists

Diego Rivera

American Masters: Diego Rivera

Artcyclopedia- Diego Rivera Online

Articles About Diego Rivera- from the NY Times

Bio & Timeline-you can also enter the gallery of Rivera

Biography-from the Global Gallery; view his works here

Mark Hayden's Artchive-nice biography with recommended reading list

MOMA: The Collection

Notable Biographies: Diego Rivera

Rivera Bio-from the Van Gogh Gallery

Frida Kahlo

The Artchive- biography

Artcyclopedia- view Kahlo's works

Biography-from the Global Gallery; view her works here


Frida Kahlo: The Complete Works- biography, slideshow

Frida Kahlo Biography: Medical Mystery, Controversial Death- CBS News

Frida Kahlo Website- biography

The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo- from PBS

Kahlo Bio-from the Van Gogh Gallery

Mark Hayden's Artchive-nice biography with recommended reading list


The Art of Bullfighting-history of bullfighting, bullfighting glossary

Bullfighting Pictures- small group or nice photos

Corrida de Toros- list the origins of bullfighting & books on the topic

Matador's Costume- shows many pictures of Spanish matadors

Origins & History of Bullfighting

Photos from the Bullfight, La Corrida- view in small or large format

Understanding Bullfighting-site explains the process step-by-step

Watch a video on bullfighting:

Flamenco Guitar

Flamenco, The Heart & Soul of Andalucia- explains flamenco history & importance in Spanish Culture.

Flamenco Music- midi files can be played with Quicktime

Photos of Flamenco Guitarists

The History of Flamenco-contents includes the modern flamenco guitar & links to flamenco sites.

Spanish Culture & Flamenco

Holy Week in Spain

Holy Week in Seville- includes dates, photos & information

Semana Santa, Andalucia- information, sounds & videos to download, using Windows media player.

Seville Online- explains the day-by-day events during Holy Week; also has a few small photos.

Running of the Bulls

Culture in Spain-explains bull running in Spain

In Spain Info- explains the guidelines for the Running of the Bulls, as well as what happens at this event.

Online Lesson from NIE- Newspapers in Education presents an online lesson on the Running of the Bulls. Many links give you a well-rounded view of Pamplona's yearly event.

Running of the Bulls- this site tells about the rules, the route taken during "the run" & tips for running.

Watch a short video of the Running of the Bulls:


Russia's History
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 641.5947 (food) | 709.47 (art) | 947 (history)

The Face of Russia Timeline

History of Russia- includes The Romanovs, The Mongols

Infoplease- encyclopedia article

Russian History- from Bucknell University

Russian History Websites- online website and online books are listed here

Russiapedia-"get to know Russia better"


Salem Witch Trials
Dewey Decimal Number: 133.4

A Brief History of the Salem Witch Trials- from

Documentary Archive and Transcription Project- University of Virginia has supplied access to primary source documents, maps, letters and much more.

Famous American Trials: Salem Witchcraft Trials : Salem Witch Trials

Launchpad: Salem Witch Trials- from EDSITEment

National Geographic Salem Witch Hunt Interactive

Salem Witch Museum- located in Salem, Massachusetts, this museum has information on the Salem Witch Trials, which took place in 1692.


The Salem Witch Trials, 1692- from Eyewitness to History


Salem Witch Trials: The World Behind the Hysteria- from Discovery Education

Salem Witchcraft Trials Jeopardy

Student Research Center (EBSCO) - search “salem witch trials” for 700 results

The Witches Curse: Explore Salem- from PBS

Spanish Dance
History of Spanish Dance

Latin American Music & Dance

Mexican Dances

The Mexican Hat Dance

Spain's Culture
Dewey Decimal Number: 946

All About Spain- covers fiestas and folklore, nightlife, food

Don Quixote- fiestas, painters, artists, recipes, dance and much more; you can view the site in Spanish.

Guide to the Culture of Spain

Knowing Spanish Phrases for Culture and Customs- view a video by teacher Mixitxu Etxeberria, an eHow presenter.

Knowing Spanish Phrases for Culture & Customs -- powered by

Wedding Customs in Spain

Dewey Numbers: 614.043 | 616.95


Centers for Disease Control (CDC)-very comprehensive site with downloads, fact sheets and much more!

Dangers of STDs-from School Tube:

eMedicine- lists causes, symptoms and treatments

Medline Plus- interactive tutorial

Planned Parenhood

Sexual Health- from the site, Teens' Health

Sexually Transmitted Diseases- includes color photos, descriptions, causes, symptoms etc.

Supreme Court
Dewey Decimal Number: 347.73

FindLaw-links you to the actual decision; the database has cases which date back to 1893

Infoplease Almanac- nice, easy layout, containing a look at the members, Supreme Court facts, milestones in history & notable decisions.

Landmark Supreme Court Cases-very comprehensive site

Supreme Court Historical Society- shows how the court works and how to research the Court.

The United States Supreme Court


Taking Photos for the School Newspaper
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 770 | 771

If you own an SLR (single lens reflex) digital camera, you will be able to shoot live action sports. The fast shutter speed will allow you to take photos in the gym or outside and stop the action in its tracks. Most consumers own a point & shoot digital camera. These camera will not be able to stop the action in sports such as football, basketball, volleyball etc.

When you initially set up your camera, set the resolution on the highest setting. (best quality pictures) You will store fewer shots on your card or memory stick, but you will have much greater flexibility later on when you print them.

Here are some great sites to teach you how to take awesome photos:

21 Settings, Techniques and Rules All New Camera Owners Should Know

100 Ways to Use a Digital Camera

A Beginner's Guide to Digital Cameras- learn about pixels, aspect ratio, types of graphics formats, memory & digital/optical zooms.

CNET Reviews Point & Shoot Digital Cameras- all within the $100-$200 range

CNET Reviews SLR Digital Cameras- here are the cameras with interchangeable lenses plus a lot more.

Digital Photography Tutorials

HP Learning Center- sign up for free and take all 16 classes if you like; great resource!

Photography Tutorials- from Tutorial9

Sports Photography Techniques- excellent & complete site with step-by-step information on shooting sports. You can view many sample shots taken for a school newspaper.

Ten Tips for Great Pictures- from Kodak; excellent

How to Take Great Group Photos- 12 excellent tips are listed here with a photo example for each one

Teen Driving
Dewey Decimal Number: 362.29 | 363.12 | 388.30 | 629.28

Brain Injury Association of N.J.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) Teen Driver Source- CHOP created the Young Driver Research Initiative (YDRI) with State Farm Insurance.

Danger Signs for Fatigue- lists the warning signs

Ford Driving Skills for Life- sponsored by the Ford Foundation, this site offers one minute videos with tips for better driving.

Laws and Legislation on Driving- from

N.J. Drunk Driving Law- list contains highlights from NJ Statutes 39:4-50

N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission- information on Graduated Driver License and the new decal

Teens Against Drunk Driving

THINK! A Video About Drinking and Driving this site is managed by the Brain Injury Association of America and presents the facts about teen driving. There is a video on the dangers of texting while driving, and many graphic photos which show the results of dangerous driving


Teen Pregnancy
Dewey Decimal Number: 306.87

11 Facts About Teen Pregnancy- from Do

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Planned Parenthood information on birth control, relationships, STIs, videos

Teen Pregnancy- from the Centers for Disease Control

Teen Pregnancy Campaign Turns Students' Cellphones into Virtual Babies

Teen Pregnancy Facts & Statistics

Teen Pregnancy Prevention- from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Working with Pregnant and Parenting Teens

Why Do More Latina Girls Get Pregnant?- from the NPR program Tell Me More



Dewey Decimal Numbers: 303.625 | 327.117 | 363.32 (Also search under a specific event, such as 9/11)

Articles About Terrorism- from the NY Times

Council on Foreign Relations

Eight Facts About Terrorism in the United States- from the Washington Post

The Evolution of Islamic Terrorism- from PBS' Frontline

F.B.I.'s Website

A List of Terrorist Groups By Type

News Events About Terrorism- this search was done under "NEWS" in Google

Palestinian Terrorism

Terrorism: A Historical Context

What it Means to Call it Terrorism- from ABC News; explains how the Boston bombings were given that label


Test Preparation
Dewey Decimal Numbers: 373.1 | 378.1
(There are many areas to find study guides; HPSA Mathematics would be found in the 500s,
which is the mathematics section of the library)


AP Exams | HSPA | PSAT | SAT


AP Exams

AP Test Books- choose your subject area and you can purchase a book for that subject.

Bubbabrain- games assist students studying for the AP and SAT

Cliff Notes- read articles on all AP subject areas, (free) or purchase handbooks.

Collegeboard- practice tips; registration for the AP

Pearson Education- AP Test Workbooks ($$)

Peterson's- practice tests for the AP; $19.95 each

Spark Notes AP Test Center- register for free for the center's "quick reviews of specific subject areas, full course reviews for select subjects, and diagnostic testing with full explanations to help you determine your study needs".


Mathematics Assessment Tutorial- from the NJ Department of Education

New Jersey 2010 HSPA Student Preparation Booklet- 39 pages


Barron's Test Prep

Brightstorm- free PSAT prep videos

Collegeboard- practice tips and practice tests

Peterson's Free Practice Test- full-"length test like the real thing"

PSAT Programs and Events- from Kaplan

Shmoop Online Test Prep- $$

Study Guide Zone- free practice tests, guide, PSAT flashcards

Test Prep Review- free online practice tests


Bubbabrain- games assist students studying for the AP and SAT

Collegeboard- SAT practice; you can also register to take the SAT on this site.

Edufire- flash cards for the SAT; forums, interactive tutoring online ($$)

Flashcard Flash- search for flashcards from flashcard sites

eHow: How to Study for the SATs- 6 important tips

INeedaPencil- free; "60 engaging lessons in math, reading, and writing that infuse pop culture into learning to make prep accessible; 800+ challenging practice exam questions that simulate the SAT and provide full explanations"

Kaplan SAT Quizbank- free study materials if you register

Khan Academy- although this YouTube site is blocked at school, you can connect outside the building; click on "test prep"

Khan Academy and College Board Partnership- free SAT studying!

Official SAT Study Guide- from Collegboard; purchase price $21.99

PrepMe- SAT prep materials ($$)

The Princeton Review- tutoring, classes, study guides ($$)

SAT Test Taking Tips- from How to Study

Shmoop Online Test Prep- $$

Study Guide Zone- study guide, SAT practice questions; free 15 free practice tests

Test Prep Review- free online practice tests

VocabAhead- videos help students prepare for the ACT and SAT

VocabSushi- free site offers "the better way to build your vocabulary".

Words, Words, Words- Android app for vocabulary; use like flashcards or quiz yourself; help you pronunciate



Track and Field
Dewey Decimal Number: 796.42

Running/Track | Throwing Events



Basic Cross Country Training

Cross Country Running Tips

high jump

Hurdle Training Manual


Hurdles Training Tips

Illustrated High Jump Technique- visual


Runner's World Magazine

Step-by-Step Long Jump Technique- visual

triple jump




Throwing Events




shot put

Shot Put Glide Technique- visual

Throw a Discus: Step-by-Step

Tips for Improved Javelin Training


Dewey Decimal Number: 914.55

Fiesole | Lucca | Montepulciano | Pisa | San Gimignano | Siena | Volterra


- culture, food, art & trails

Fiesole- map

Fiesole Timeline- year-by-year with links to many resources

Pictures of Fiesole

Villa Medici at Fiesole- this page is in Italian!

All About Lucca

History of Lucca

Italy Guide for Lucca- in Italian

Lucca- map

Lucca Virtual Panoramas

Photos of Lucca

Brief Guide to Montepulciano

Montepulciano- map

Places to Visit: Montepulciano

Around Pisa
- virtual tours around Pisa

History and Culture of Pisa

History of Pisa

Italy Guide for Pisa-in Italian


Pisa Timeline

Pisa Virtual Panoramas

San Gimignano
History, Art & Culture of San Gimignano

Italy Heaven

Pictures of San Gimignano

Italy Guide Siena-in Italian

Photos of Siena- over 100 photos

Siena- map

Siena: Medieval Tuscany

Siena's Contrada Museums

Virtual Tour of Siena

History of Volterra

Volterra- map

Volterra in Tuscany

Volterra Photos


United Nations
Dewey Decimal Number: 341.23

Cyberschoolbus- this is a very kid-friendly site with information about the U.N., U.N. News Centre, daily live and on-demand webcasts of U. N. Meetings & a K-12 listing of U.N. publications.



The United Nations Official Site

United Nations Radio- find press releases, news conferences & streaming audio formats.

The United Nations System of Organizations

United Nations University- this is a "Tokyo-based institution that acts as an international community of scholars, think tank & bridge between the U.N. & the international academic community".

The United States National Commission for UNESCO


The Fifty States
Dewey Decimal Numbers: (each state has its own number under the main categories below)
974 (Northeastern U.S.) | 975 (Southeastern U.S.) | 976 (South central U.S.) | 977 (North central U.S.)
978 (Western U.S.) | 979 (Great Basin & Pacific Slope)


The 50 States- information and videos from

America's Story

Fifty States- from teacher Mr. Nussbaum

The Fifty States- from Infoplease almanac

The Fifty States- from Factmonster

Here's What All 50 State Names Actually Mean

Library Spot's Fifty States

Official State Songs

State Websites for Kids- from

Stately Knowledge- from IPL

States and Capitols

research See Ms. Greller for the username and password


United States of America Geography




United States Government Shutdown

ABC News- interactive on the government shutdown

CNN Politics: Government Shutdown: What's Closed, What's Open

How Would a Government Shutdown Affect Your Life- page includes 9 slides (infographic) and many other visual resources


New York Times: The Back and Forth over the Shutdown- infographic

New York Times: Who Goes to Work? Who Stays Home?

U.S.A. Today: 66 Questions and Answers About the Government Shutdown

Wall Street Journal-slide show




Videos Online
History | News | Science

American Presidents- life portraits, biographical facts, presidential places, key events in their presidencies Video Almanac- events listed by decade

Ease History- over 400 historical events from 1900-present

The History Channel-great speeches online

The National Archives


CBS News




NASA Multimedia Gallery


NOVA Online-categories include: anthropology, disasters, earth, exploration, health, history, investigations, nature, physics&math, space, tech

PBS Nature Video Database- available in Windows media, Quicktime & RealPlayer

Teachers' Domain Multimedia Resources-earth/space science, engineering, life science & physical science



Vietnam War
Dewey Decimal Number: 959.704



American Experience: Vietnam Online

The Fall of Saigon- from the N.Y. Times Learning Network


Interactive: The Fall of Saigon- from CBS News

Overview of the Vietnam War-documents, events, multimedia

PBS Timeline

Photos: A Look Back at the Vietnam War on the 35th Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon-Denver Post

Vietnam: 35 Years Later- from the Boston Globe

The Vietnam Center and Archive- from Texas Tech University

Vietnam-Era Prisonor of War/Missing in Action Database-from the Library of Congress

Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Fund



Vietnam War History- from; videos, history, speeches, interactives



War in Afghanistan
Dewey Decimal Number: 958.1047

Afghanistan: The Forgotten War- from PBS, this 23 minute video takes you into the lives of marines in Afghanistan:

Afghanistan Crossroads- CNNs blog contains commentary and videos

Afghan War; Longest in War in U.S. History- from ABC News

Casualties of War- CNN slideshow of the soldiers killed in the war in Afghanistan; map shows where they were from.

Five Myths About the War in Afghanistan-from the Washington Post

Infoplease- short article on the war

Soldier Returns to Duty-story of double amputee Capt. Dan Luckett, 27, of Norcross, Ga.

student research centerEnter the EBSCO site and log in with username and password.

The War in Afghanistan- excellent links from history teacher Susan Pojer, whose site is awesome.

The War in Afghanistan Up Close- Time multimedia slideshow

Dewey Decimal Numbers: 551.5 | 551.6

12 Historic Photos of the World's Most Formidable Snowstorms- from The Week

An Introduction to Weather Map Symbols and Terminology

Blizzard- earth facts and information


Blizzard Slams of the Northeast- NY Times slide show

Blizzards: Winter's Perfect Storm- photo essays

Edheads-weather activities

KidInfo- guide to information about the weather; many resources listed here

Learn to Predict the Weather Without a Forecast

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adiministration- many resources available

Science of a Blizzard- from

Top 10 Big, Bad Blizzards- slide show from TIME

Weather Underground

Web Weather for Kids


Web 2.0

What is Web 2.0?

n the Internet viewed as a medium in which interactive experience, in the form of blogs, wikis, forums, etc, plays a more important role than simply accessing information
Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition
2009 © William Collins Sons & Co. Ltd. 1979, 1986

Applications | Audio and Music | Blogs | Instructional Videos | Wikis


Collaborative Programs | Collect Information | File Converters | File Storage
Graphics | Miscellaneous | Podcasting | Screencasting | Slideshows and Videos | Text-to-Speech


Collaborative Programs (working with others)

The Awesome Highlighter- highlight text on webpages for sharing

Bounce- screen capture a page and share parts with others

Cacoo- create online diagrams in real time with many collaborators

CoSketch- online whiteboard; visualize and share your thoughts as images

Crocodoc- share and review documents online

Edistorm- uses online sticky notes to brainstorm with others

Fill Any PDF- upload your pdf and share the form and the data

Flockdraw- collaborative drawing online

The Fridge- online group collaboration; private your website or blog into a meeting spot for you and your collaborators

Meetifyr-online shared calendar

Meet With Approval- arrange a meeting and access from any Internet device

ProBoards- free forums and discussion boards

Reddynote- plan and share tasks

SocialWok-exchange ideas, Google Apps and files with colleagues

Stixy-online bulletin board

Thinklinkr- "web's first ever real-time, fully collaborative outliner. Create and share outlines in your web browser for free."

Titanpad- allows people to work on the same document simultaneously

Voicethread- collaborate and share ideas with other classrooms around the world

Voxopop- create an online message board (can be private) with real voices.

Collect Information

Evernote-save urls, grab a screenshot and more; works with smartphones and iPad.

Listhings-sticky notes online

SimplyBox- collect and organize web sites in folders

Spaaze- collect and organize web sites, videos etc. in one location, a giant corkboard.

File Converters

AuthorStream- convert your PowerPoint presentation into a Flash media file

CometDocs- free online file converter

Convertpdftopowerpoint- easy steps

Issu-publish your document online; turn pages like a magazine

PDF2Word- convert any PDF file to a Word document

PDF Converter- convert to PDF online and they will email it to you

Web2PDF- convert a webpage to a PDF file

Youblisher- make your PDF document flippable online; turn pages like a magazine

File Storage

Filebox- register and store files online

File Dropper- 5 GB limit

Google Docs- if you have a Gmail account, you already have access to Google docs; click here to see what's new.


Animoto- upload your photos, video and music and animoto makes it into a slick video. Free for 30 second videos; educational prices available for longer video.

Aviary- online photo editing plus much more

Citrify-edit photos online using a Flash-based program

CleVR- online photo stitching software; make panoramas

Fotobabble- add your voice to photos; student projects will come to life

GoAnimate-create cartoons using audio, facial expressions; very cute

Panraven- online editing for photos plus lots of cool stuff online version of the popular graphics program

Picnik- cool online editor owned by Google

Pixlr- online photo editing

Shape Collage- free automatic photo collage maker


Preceden- make timelines easily

Slickplan-create flowcharts online


Gabcast- record and post to your blog or website

Podcasting Tools- instructions on how to produce a podcast

How to Podcast- Audacity tutorials


Camstudio- for Windows computers only; files are in AVI and SWF format.

Copernicus- for Macintosh computers only; captures stills and video with NO audio.

FreeScreencast- download their software and create your screencast; embed in your site or share with the world

Jing- available for Windows or Macintosh, Jing lets you capture your screen; larger swf files and 5 minute limit in the free version. Pro version $$.

Screencast-o-matic- available for Windows or Macintosh; videos can be up to 15 minutes long in the free version; file is .mov format and stored on their website.

Screencastle- one click screencasting through your browser

Screenjelly- records screen activity with audio; use for lessons when you are absent from school.

Screenpresso- only available for Windows computers; screenshots in image formats jpg, png, bmp, gif. (no screen motion, just screen capture) You can edit your images within this program.

Screentoaster- free online screen recorder

Webinaria- for Windows computers only; files can be downloaded in FLV (FLASH) format.

Slideshows and Videos create your video and distribute online "Convert online videos, music and more to play on any device you choose."

English Central- students can practice English while watching videos; site evaluates the student's pronunciation and shows where improvement is needed.

Flixtime- video slideshows

Kizoa- edit your pictures, add music and create your slide show for free

MacTubes- Macintosh computer app to download and convert videos from YouTube.

Photo Peach- photos and music to create your slideshow

PhotoSnack- free version is hosted on their site

Showzey-extract your photos from different places (i.e. Flickr, Picasa) and organize them in one spot

Shwup- share photos in a slideshow and invite others to add photos and videos to your show; you don't have to share with everyone, only invited people.

Video Toolbox- edit your video online; convert to various formats

Xtranormal- convert text to movie; use characters provided

YouTube Downloader- Windows app for downloading and converting YouTube videos.


iSpeech- submit a few words, or a file; (9 supported formats include Word, PowerPoint, Excel) English only

Text to Speech Translator- over 20 languages are available here

Audio and Music

Free Loops- audio clip downloads; includes wav, MP3, AIFF, Midi

Free Music Archive- "it's not just free music; it's good music"

The Freesound Project- Creative Commons licensed sounds

Jamendo- artists upload their music for your use; they say it's "free, legal and unlimited".

Monkey Machine- if you need only drumbeats, this is the site for you; this is an online drum machine.

PodsafeAudio- musicians share their music on this site find free music clips, music loops, free beats and more collection of free sound effects

Voice Thread- group conversations around documents, images and videos.

Wolfram Tones-choose your sample and build your own music


Blogger- connected to a Gmail account; very popular choice

BTemplates- free templates for your blog; pick by color, number of columns

Live Journal

Word Press

Instructional Videos (YouTube is blocked in the school, so here are a load of other choices.)

Art Babble- if you love art, this is the site for you.

Biological Processes

Brightstorm- math and science videos

C-Span Video- Congressional hearings

Discovery Channel


Fedflix- produced by the U.S. government

The History Channel

How Stuff Works- loads of very interesting educational information

LangMedia- interviews with people from various countries

Math A Tube- all your math subjects are here

Math TV

MonkeySee- videos

PBS Videos- wide array to choose from, coving many subject areas

School Tube

Snag Films- documentaries

Untamed Science

The Week in Rap- current events delivered through rapping


How to Introduce Wikis in Your Classroom- 12 ways tro interest your students

PBWorks in Education

Wiki Rubric- use to assess wiki contributions

Wiki Walk-Through- from TeachersFirst, this is answers all the basic questions about wikis.


Wikis in the Classroom- written by Social Studies teacher Keith Dennison, this blog entry gives you great pointers in setting up your own wiki.


Women in History

Dewey Decimal Number: B (Biography-individual) | 920 (Biography Collection) comprehensive site lists biographies, issues/events & women's rights

History Channel- Women's History month; videos and photos

The History of Women- from the University of Washington University Libraries, this site lists load of resources, including the suffrage movement, biographical sites, women writers and much more.

National Women's Hall of Fame

Pathfinder for Women's History- from the National Archives; (government site)very comprehensive resources

Suffragists: Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement

The Susan B. Anthony Center for Women's Leadership-suffrage history, biographies, timeline

Time Archives of Women's Rights- Time Magazine covers from 1926-present

Women in World History- biographical listing

Women's History- from the Library of Congress; excellent site.

Women's History in America- presented by the Women's International Center

Women's History Month Across the Curriculum- from the New York Times

Women's History Resources- from the Smithsonian Institution


World Religion
Dewey Decimal Number: 200s

A Bow of the Head- religions of the world

List of Religions- read about each one separately

Religion & the Founding of the American Republic- from the Library of Congress

Religious Movements-covers more than 200 religious groups

Western Religions- from history teacher Mr. Dowling

World Religions

Your Guide to Religions Around the World-from the BBC

World War I
Dewey Decimal Number: 940.3

BBC History of WWI

The First World excellent navigation on the site contains everything from battlefield tours, photographs, who's who, an encyclopedia & memoirs & diaries. (someone didn't run spellcheck as "encyclopedia" is spelled incorrectly!)

Trenches on the Web- this is a "Western Front Tourist's Guide",which has loads of information & pictures.


World War II
Dewey Decimal Number: 940.5

African-Americans in World War II

BBC History of WWII

Conflict History- browse the timeline for each event

Normandy 1944- also know as D-Day, this site's details include a photo gallery, interactive charts & maps, combat video & Veterans' oral histories

Remembering Pearl Harbor- from National Geographic

Science & Technology of World War II

The Second World War Experience Centre- this site from Great Britain contains history, research help & a bulletin board

World War II Commemoration-Grolier Online's site commemorates the 50th anniversary of the end of the war

World War II History Info

World War II in the Pacific-battle photos and information on the U.S. troops in action from 1942-1945

World War II Timeline- photos & text are here

Writing for a School Newspaper
Dewey Decimal Number: 808.066

799 Tips Editors Should Know-download pdf file

Ask a Pro About Sports Writing- an interview with journalist Mike Sielski of The Intelligencer in Doylestown, Pa.

Editorial Topics for High School Students- from

Finding a Voice in Editorial and Opinion Writing

The Hilite- award-winning newspaper from Carmel H.S. (click "our latest issue" to view the newspaper)

How to Write a Column for a School Newspaper- from

HS/Teen New Organizations- see what other schools are doing by clicking on your state, then a school's name

J-Jargon- various job titles and journalism terms are listed here

The Lowell on the Web- award-winning high school newspaper

The Postscript- Baltimore's Park School's award-winning newspaper

Share Your Newspaper Ideas- hundreds of ideas for articles are on this page

Writing Features- from the New York Times Learning Network

Writing Headlines- quizzes give you a chance to practice adding headlines for various news stories

Young Adult Authors
Dewey Decimal Numbers: Fiction- F + first three letters of the author's last name
Biography- B + first three letters of the author's last name

Sherman Alexie- The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

Laurie Halse Anderson- writes for young readers and young adult readers

Jay Asher- Thirteen Reasons Why, The Futuref US; NY Times Best-Selling Author

Avi- writes for children and young adults; comedy, mystery, historical fiction, short stories and more

Judy Blume- writes for all ages

Ann Brashares- Young adult and adult novels; The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Meg Cabot- author for kids/tweens, young adult and adults

Orson Scott Card- Landertop, (graphic novel) Lost Gate, Pathfinder

Cassandra Clare- writes novels, (City of Bones) short fiction, (Geektastic) and graphic novels (first one due in December 2012)

Eoin Colfer- writes for tweens and young adults; Artemis Fowl, The Legend of Spud Murphy, The Wish List

Suzanne Collins- author of the Hunger Games series

Ally Condie- The Matched Trilogy

Robert Cormier-The Chocolate War, I Am the Cheese, We All Fall down, In the Middle of the Night

Sarah Dessen- That Summer, Someone Like You

Cornelia Funke- writes for tweens and young adults; Dragon Rider, Inkheart, Igraine the Brave, Ghosthunters and the Mud-Dripping Monster

Neil Gaiman- writes books for all ages

Nancy Garden- books for ages 10-14 year olds

Carl Hiaasen-writes for young readers and adults

S.E. Hinton- Rumblefish, The Outsiders, Tex

M.E. Kerr- Fell Back, Fell Down, Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack, Deliver Us From Evie

Michael Laser- writes for all ages

David Levithan- The Realm of Possibility, Are We There Yet?, Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Lois Lowry- author of The Giver

C.K. Kelly Martin- I Know it's Over, My Beating Teenage Heart, Come See About Me

Stephenie Meyer- Twilight Series author,also has written The Host

Walter Dean Myers- Kick, Lockdown, Dope Sick, The Cruisers, Sunrise Over Fallujah, Monster, Street Love

Christopher Paolini- Eragon, Eldest, Brisingr, Inheritance

James Patterson- Maximum Ride, Daniel X, Witch and Wizard, Middle School: Get Me Out of Here!

Gary Paulsen- Hatchett, Brian's Winter, Dogsong

Richard E. Peck- Schmidt's Mill, Jackalope Casino, Something for Joey

Rick Riordan- young adult and adult author; Percy Jackson's World, Kane Chronicles

J.K. Rowling- Harry Potter series

Louis Sachar- Holes, The Cardturner

Jerry Spinelli- writes for kids and young adults; Stargirl, Eggs, Milkweed

Maggie Stiefvater- The Shiver Trilogy, The Raven Boys, The Scorpio Races

Cynthia Voight- Angus and Sadie

Scott Westerfeld- Uglies, Peeps, Midnighters, (series) Leviathan, So Yesterday

Jacqueline Woodson- writes for kids and young adults

Paul Zindel-The Pigman, Harry and Hortense at Hormone High, Pardon Me, You're Stepping on My Eyeballs

If you want more information on an author, try literary reference center See Ms. Greller for username/password student research center student research center


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